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Celia J. Anderson on her writing journey

Sweet Proposal was my first published book. My baby. The one that made me feel like a real live, proper writer. And it was Piatkus Entice that made the dream come true, back in November 2012.

The occasion when I knew it was actually going to happen for me was a very sparkly one. It was the Festival of Romance gala dinner and hoards of us had flocked to Bedford to wallow in lovely books for a whole weekend. We’d done workshops, been to lectures, spent far too much money on . . . yes, more books, and now it was the grand finale– the awards ceremony for authors of all sorts of wonderful novels. Lots of categories, lots of familiar, famous names, lots of excitement.

I have to say, wine had already occurred on the table I was sharing with my Romaniac buddies. The problem was that the food wasn’t going to arrive until after the awards were all dished out. I clapped along with everybody else, listening to the whoops of excitement from all corners of the glittering ballroom. When the noise eventually began to die down, I cracked, and started to eat my rather dry bread roll.

Only, the awards hadn’t actually finished. There was still a final exciting one to come – the Piatkus Entice prize. Three contracts for debut authors. I chewed away happily, hearing words like warm, funny and quirky. Then I noticed that people seemed to be staring at me and my table-mates were on their feet, cheering. Huh? The bread roll refused to budge. I gulped some wine.

‘Go on – get up there, you’ve won! You’ve got a contract!’ said Debs, nudging me out of my chair.
Since then, life has changed in many ways. The editing process with Caroline Kirkpatrick was a steep learning curve, but Caroline’s vision was clear and she knew how to polish something that was still definitely still rough around the edges. Eventually, we were both happy, and Sweet Proposal made its first appearance on August 1st 2013. I celebrated with cocktails in a 97th floor bar in Chicago. I don’t normally do this.

The next time a launch occurred for me it was just as exciting, even if the venue was my ground floor conservatory rather than at the top of a skyscraper. Little Boxes was published in November 2014 and book three is nearly finished. I learned so much from the publishing process with Piatkus that I felt like quite an old hand by this time.

The bonus was that when Little Boxes started to take off and sell in a bigger way, Sweet Proposal developed a whole new lease of life. I didn’t see that coming, so I must still a bit green, but it was a lovely surprise. Now all I need is an idea for book four . . .

Download your copy of Celia’s Sweet Proposal here and check out her website.

Our Entice Hero Hunk (in cinemas now!!)

With the exciting news that Fifty Shades of Grey had been cast, the Entice team sat down and dreamed of the day that some of the Entice titles would be adapted for the screen. And if when it does, our editors will be ready for their pick of star. Charlie Hunnam, move over! Here are our hunk castings for three popular Entice titles:


1) Sweet Proposal by Celia J. Anderson, Leo

Books, chocolate and a Jacuzzi: could there be a better combination? Gorgeous Geordie Leo arrives in Clayton-on-the-Bream with a mission to make his mark. When he reveals his ideas for a bespoke bookshop and chocolate-themed cafe, struggling writer Mab can’t resist both him and his plea for help.

If you haven’t read Piatkus Entice winner Celia J. Anderson’s Sweet Proposal yet, then what are you waiting for? It’s a deliciously heart-warming and romantic read as we follow our heroine, Mab, on her search for her happy-ever-after. And when hunky Leo arrives on the scene, he is surely the man to make that happen. Not only is he manly, gorgeous and super sexy, he’s from Newcastle – who can resist the Geordie accent? and he’s funny. A perfect combination! Now if Gerard Butler can perfect that Newcastle twang then he is a Leo in the making! Why aye man! – Caroline Kirkpatrick




2) Dark Predator by Christine Feehan, Zacarias

We may not always come right out and admit it, but every woman has her preferred type of hunk – ‘witty and charming’, ‘silent and brooding’, ‘heavily muscled, not-too-bright but primal’ – film, TV and books offer a positive cornucopia of drool-worthy options. I lean towards the ‘tortured, morally-on-the-edge but totally badass’ (Omar from The Wire, Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones – even Robin Hood!). That’s why, when we started discussing our favourite book heroes, my thoughts immediately turned towards Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series, as she excels at exactly this type of hero, the kind you desperately hope can save himself in time. Without finding their life mate, her heroes are slowly drained of all colour and emotion, until their temptation to kill and become an abomination is too strong to resist – it gives this whole series an immense tension and power. My favourite Carpathian hero is Zacarias in Dark Predator, a “merciless, ruthless and implacable dark predator”, who finally, against all the odds, finds his soul mate. I find that the closer the hero is to the edge of darkness, the more dramatic and moving his journey is back into the light. To anyone who hasn’t read Feehan before, as well as any fans of seriously dangerous and dark heroes, I heartily recommend you give Feehan’s work a go!

Just for fun and as the Dark Carpathians aren’t yet a film (and WHY NOT?! Come on, Hollywood!), I’ve pasted a picture of Khal Drogo – can’t you just see him in the battlefield, brutally protecting the woman he loves… *sigh. – Anna Boatman


3) The Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones, Reyes Farrow

Never has the Devil been so sweet . . .

Er, I mean, the Devil’s son. And he is. SO SWEET. Any by sweet I mean sexy, dark, smug, fierce, brooding and the altogether ‘bad boy’ that so many girls climb out of their window for these days. And best of all? He meets Charley head-on! He’s a match for our girl! Seriously, Charley is basically the friend I would never think anyone was good enough for. But Reyes? He had his faults (inferno, fire, damned for all eternity, blah blah blah blah blah) but he’s just enough damaged (and just enough redeemed) for our favourite Grim Reaper.

For Reyes I have always imagined someone with with charm, someone smooth, but perfectly capable of winning in a bar fight. I need him to be dark, but with soft eyes. *Cue* Adrian Grenier. He’s a dream. Perfect casting. – Grace Menary-Winefield


‘Living the Dream’ by Piatkus Entice author Celia J Anderson

When the tickets arrived for the Festival of Romance in Bedford last year, there was no suspicion that the event would be the start of a whole new chapter of my life and that I’d soon be well on the way to calling myself a Real Writer. I’d entered the Piatkus Entice competition as soon as the booking had gone through, but then somehow managed to completely forget about it. On the night of the gala dinner and awards, I put on my very-posh-and-floaty frock, bought specially for the occasion from Monsoon. The shop lady had been very interested in the occasion it was meant for and listened to me burbling about having entered the New Writers’ awards – again, no thoughts of the bigger picture. Selective amnesia? Advancing age? Who knows? So that was why, at the moment of the big announcement all about the contract from Piatkus Entice, the selected book and the lucky winner, I was half way through a very nice bread roll and a glass of wine, philosophically not really listening after the New Writers’ award had come and gone.

My neighbour, Debs, nudged me hard, nearly causing a nasty choking incident (it could have all been over before it had properly begun). ‘It’s you!’ she hissed, ‘Go on, get up there . . . ’ Swallowing the bread as fast as I could and taking a huge gulp of wine, I saw that everyone was looking at our table and clapping, and my fellow Romaniacs were on their feet cheering and making strange whooping noises.

The presentation was a blur – a certificate, flowers, photographs. My smile started and wouldn’t go away. I woke up several times that night and had to put the light on to re-read the lovely letter from the editor. Yes, it had definitely happened. My very own book was going to be out on Kindle on August 1st. The icing on the cake was signing with the Kate Nash Literary Agency shortly afterwards, an unexpected bonus.

The editing process started in January, and was an eye opener in many ways. Clear, easy to follow pointers came regularly by email, and although it felt a bit like climbing Everest in flip flops to start with, every time changes were submitted the feedback was positive. Sometimes we wrangled about the importance of the odd character here and there but no blood was lost and progress was made. It began to seem possible that this book would be published. Scary. Previous to this my published work had been in magazines/newspaper articles. I’d written and produced a whole host of plays for children but this was the first full length novel to see light of day.

The next months saw copy edits, line edits and choosing the cover follow each other in quick succession. I launched a website, ordered promotional material to go in the goody bags at the RNA conference and finally, Sweet Proposal was finished. Only the launch to go now – onwards and upwards . . .

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