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Grab some great deals on Boxing Day!


We hope you’re all sat in your pajamas, breathing deeply through the food coma and trying to ignore the snores emanating from the overstuffed armchair by the fire. You could also be packed into your wellies, sloshing through the mud in the brisk winter air and looking forward to a hot cup of tea (or cider) as you tromp back in through the door.

Whether you’re stretching your jaw or stretching your legs, Boxing Day is a great excuse to appreciate a great read and we have three amazing books priced at only £1.99! Grab some gritty paranormal romance with Caged Warrior, contemporary with a supernatural twist in A Little Night Magic or sexy erotic drama with Break in Two. Something for everyone . . .

Unless you’re the person snoring in the overstuffed armchair. Best just let them be . . .


Happy publication day Kristen Callihan!

Today we publish Kristen Callihan‘s Firelight, Moonglow, Winterblaze and Shadowdance in ebook and we could not be more excited! The magic side of Victorian London is so richly realised in these books that we know you’ll soon get lost in the love, power and thrilling action that the Darkest London series is known for.

Check out the gorgeous covers below and, if you’re just starting your journey into Darkest London, pick up your copy of Firelight today!


Fifth Grave Past The Light: A Starred Review

Fifth Grave Past The Light is the fantastic fifth instalment of Darynda Jones’ unmissable Charley Davidson series. Booklist have just given it an incredible starred review (below).

Fifth Grave Past The Light isn’t available until 9th July, so if you haven’t read the first fabulous four titles in the series, we suggest you get reading now!

Gutsy, wise-cracking PI has a highly unusual clientele that includes the dead as well as the living. Right now, in addition to her usual spectral guests, Charley’s apartment is filled with the ghosts of 20 blonde women, all of whom were brutally murdered by a serial killer. In fact, their deaths were so horrific they can’t speak to her—they just relive their murders over and over. Charley has other problems.

There’s the undead nurse who appears as a ghost, the naked spirit who has claimed the passenger seat in her Jeep, and the growing suspicion that Charley’s perfect crime-solving record involves more than good investigative skills. As for her love life, with incredibly handsome Reyes, the son of Satan, for a soulmate, you know that things are going to get hot.

From its unique premise to its wonderfully imaginative characters, Jones’ award-winning Charley Davidson mystery series, from First Grave on the Right (2011) onward to this fifth delectable installment, will continue to attract and delight a broad spectrum of readers.

— Shelley Mosley

Top Five Halloween Reads From Entice

Wondering what to read this Halloween? Look no further, Entice has it covered.

Eternal Blood by Laura WrightThe one with the sexy vampires
Eternal Blood is the seriously hot paranormal novella from Laura Wright’s Mark of the Vampire series. Perfect for warming up a cold Halloween night.



Undead and Unstable by MaryJanice DavidsonThe one with the undead
Ever wondered what would happen if Carrie Bradshaw met a vampire? Look no further than Mary Janice Davidson’s brilliant Undead and Unstable – the perfect spooky treat for 31st October.



Coveted by Shawntelle MadisonThe one with the werewolf
Fancy a fun read with an awesome, sassy werewolf heroine? Coveted by Shawntelle Madison is what you need. And with her brand new novel, Kept, out next month, there’s no better time to get involved.



Lair of the Lion by Christine FeehanThe gothic twist on a classic fairytale
Love Beauty and the Beast? Love Christine Feehan? The two come together in the gorgeous 19th century romance, Lair of the Lion.



Wilder by Christina DoddThe one with a dark secret
In Christina Dodd’s Wilder, a monster lurks beneath the city. But can Chosen One Charisma Fanghorn open her heart to him . . ?



What are you reading this Halloween? If there are any Entice favourites we’ve missed off the list, let us know!