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Cowboys are H.O.T . . . especially the Triple Cs!

I mean, come on! Hard-working men just make us swoooonn. So it’s no wonder we love a bit of Western action. And good thing we have Laura Wright, our resident expert on the topic, to introduce us to the world of the Cavanaugh Brothers . . .



Just the word conjures up all sorts of images: Handsome, rugged, hardworking, alpha, sexy, strong, blue skies, miles of green and brown landscape.

Wait, did I mention, sexy?


When I decided to write a four book series about cowboys, I knew I wanted all of these elements. But I also wanted it centered around a ranch – the Triple C – that held both wonderful and horrific memories. This ranch was where life was given and taken away. Where guilt and cruelty, lies and betrayal, broke a family apart. And sent the three brothers who had grown up there running – trying to find a life outside and away from those dark and painful memories.

And then I thought . . . what if they are all forced to come back again? What if they’re forced to deal with death and guilt, a brother they never knew they had – and women who are every bit as tough as they are?

Hell, maybe tougher.

I hope you enjoy my Cavanaugh Brother series. I’ve put together some pictures of my cowboys for you. Let you see what I see when I write them.

What do you think?

Pretty nice, eh darlins?

Presenting: Deacon Cavanaugh

Presenting: James Cavanaugh

Presenting: Cole Cavanaugh

Presenting: Blue Perez Cavanaugh


Branded, the first in the Cavanaugh Brothers series, is out now on Entice! Broken is out in October . . .

Laura Wright talks ETERNAL SIN!!

Laura Wright gives us a taste of her delicious dark and incredibly sexy 6th book in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Sin!!




Imagine yourself pregnant by a man who has had his emotions stripped. He knows who you are, but doesn’t care if you live or die. And unfortunately, you need his blood to survive.




“Don’t pretend you care anything for this balas,” Petra said through gritted teeth.

A sudden gust of pain assaulted her then, and she shuddered and winced before reaching for the wall to steady herself. This was bad. This whole mess. He was right. The bastard. She was drooling. She wanted so desperately to control herself around him, but her body, and the balas inside her womb, knew what it wanted. And it would go to any lengths—even the humiliation of its host—to get it.

“I’ll tell you what,” Syn said in a soft, calculated voice. “You want my blood? Take it.”

Her gaze flipped up to meet his. Just the words, the suggestion, the offer, pained her.

“You do want it?” he said.

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him, and her entire body shuddered with need. She hated the thought of blood in her mouth. But his blood . . . “Yes, I want it,” she ground out. Dammit, I crave it. I obsess over it. I lust for it.

He leaned closer, whispered, “Why do you hesitate, then?”

“Because, Mr. Wise, what I crave is toxic.” Her top lip trembled. “Despicable sludge. Poison.”

Dark brows lifted above intrigued eyes. “You speak of my blood.”

A grunt of sarcastic amusement came from her throat. “The paven’s a genius.”

“Are you in love with me, Petra?”

“What?” She recoiled. “God, no. Never!” The thought made her sick. Or was it hunger and need raging inside her that twisted her empty belly? It was so hard to decipher what emotions coincided with what situations.

“Then why does it matter to you if my blood is moralistically toxic? It’s not logical. If you need it, you take it.”


This is the premise of Eternal Sin, the 6th book in my Mark of the Vampire series. It’s an emotional, sexy, action packed book, with so much at stake. It introduces us to the new world for the mutore, the vampire/shifters; the Rainforest. A hidden world for shifters that our heroine, Petra has grown up in. Finally, Phane, Lycos and Helo will learn about where they came from.


Phane couldn’t take his eyes off the female hawk. He stood on the very top of the highest rock within the gathering stones and stared. Every member of his family that could handle sunlight—except Ly, of course, who had once again refused to come—was seated and waiting a few feet below him. Like Helo, Phane had also been curious about the Rain Forest and its creatures. After living all of his life among vampires, Phane had wanted to know about that other part of himself. The one that had never been discussed or revealed. But in all that time—hell, even back at the house in SoHo—he’d never contemplated another being like himself.

He felt his hawk scratch inside his skin as he watched the female shift from Avian form to human. In the air, gliding, swooping, touching down, she’d been magnificent.


I really hope you’ll enjoy Eternal Sin, and the new direction the series is taking!

Happy Reading,

Laura Wright


USA Today Bestselling Author, Laura Wright is passionate about romantic fiction. Though she has spent most of her life immersed in acting, singing and competitive ballroom dancing, when she found the world of writing and books and endless cups of coffee she knew she was home. Laura is the author of the bestselling Mark of the Vampire series and the USA Today bestselling series, Bayou Heat, which she co-authors with Alexandra Ivy. Laura lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Eternal Sin is available now from Piatkus Entice!

The Birth of a New Series aka The Birth of the Roman Brothers; Mark of the Vampire

The lovely Laura Wright gives us an insight into her Mark of the Vampire series . . .

I had actually intended for the first book in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Hunger to be a category novel, and even pitched it to my wonderful editor at Harlequin with hopes we could do a trilogy for their Desire line. But something happened.

HE showed up in my mind.

Who is HE?

Lol…that would be the illustrious and sexually gifted ‘Breeding Male’.

For those of you who haven’t read Eternal Hunger yet, the Breeding Male is a vampire of purest blood who, many centuries ago, was taken by the rulers of the breed and genetically transformed into a ferocious, aggressive breeding machine. He is able to not only impregnate at will, but decide the sex of the child. This was very useful in times of war, when one sex or the other was being wiped out. The Breeding Male would be called upon to repopulate the species. Problem was, many of the females he mated with were forced to lay with him by their families (so that they wouldn’t run off to be with Impures – oh, the horror!). The Breeding Male became an animal, rutting with any female that crossed his path, and soon had to be caged and controlled. (more…)

An Interview with Three Vampires: Laura Wright meets the Roman Brothers

Laura Wright and the three Roman Brothers from her Mark of the Vampire series talk blood, biting – and Bridget Jones . . .

When I told the boys that we were doing this interview for the ladies and gents in the UK, they were pretty insistent about actually conducting the interview in the UK. So, in true Roman brothers style, they pulled me into their arms and flashed me to London . . .

. . . Right now we seem to be in a pub, lots of brick, darkly lit, and, as I look around at the other patrons inhabiting the space, I’m starting to think I’m not with the only vampires in the room. And when the server places four glasses of blood at our table, I’m pretty sure of it.

At least I think it’s blood. Unless they serve V-8 here.

I lean down and give the contents of the cup a quick sniff.

Nope. Not V-8. (more…)

Laura Wright’s Top Ten Reasons to Love eBooks

1. Reaching my readers EVERYWHERE! This has to be the number one reason, yes? We are so connected now – I love it.

2. Convenience, on the go. No shipping,  and no drive to the store! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that extra time reading . . .

3. I’m saving a few trees. ’Nuff said.

4. Sharing books with friends and family. It’s so easy too – no sending the book by mail or making someone wait for a week until they can run over to my house. Love it!

5. eBooks are a massive space saver! If you’re anything like me then your house is a small library. While I do still adore my physical books, I’m running out of room. It’s so nice to save some space.

6. Instant gratification, baby! You get what I’m trying to say? Downloading the book I want in one second is just too fabulous. And when I finish one, I can jump right into the next one without having to wait for the post or a trip to the bookstore. (Actually I may want to move this one up to #1.)

7. I can sample it first: 3 whole chapters to know if I like it. This feature saves me so much grief. I don’t have time to stand in the bookstore and read the first few chaps to know I like it. Just love this feature – what a convenience!

8. All those books I can’t get in print. Another wonderful feature. There are some books I can’t find anymore in paperback but most are available in ebook form.

9. I love seeing what other readers have highlighted. Favorite quotes, things like that. I feel like I’m part of a bigger reading experience. Ooo . . . and I can search for words, and mark up pages and not feel like I’m desecrating the book in the process.

10. Love the page turning, quick chapter-to-chapter feature. I know we’re in a faster, and quicker world, but with ebooks – the faster actually allows me more time to slow down and enjoy my newest favourite read.

Enough about me, what about you? What do you love about ebooks?

Eternal Blood, a novella by Laura Wright, is available from Piatkus Entice now.