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Piatkus Entice Stocking Filler – Anna Boatman

Piatkus Senior Editor Anna Boatman is ready for some Christmas reading! So what does she hope to find in her stocking?


Only THREE DAYS to go till Christmas! This means lots of things, such as that I’m beginning to panic about my total lack of Christmas presents purchased (three days is loads of time though. 72 hours. Loads of time), and that I’m getting incredibly excited about drinking far too much and playing board games for a few hours straight until we’ve all fallen out over the rules (our family are cool like that . . .). But most of all, it means it is time for me to write about my perfect stocking stuffer!

I’m going with a slightly older book, one of the first I bought when I joined Piatkus, and that we published in 2013. It’s by Lindsey Piper and is called Caged Warrior, the first in a fantastic series called the Dragon Kings. From the very first moment that I started reading I was completely hooked.

The premise is brilliant: the Dragon Kings are an ancient race who humans once worshipped as gods (they have pretty amazing powers). Now, however, they face extinction at the hands of cruel humanity and the curse of increasing infertility. Those remaining healthy are being slowly captured by ruthless cartels, and forced to fight as gladiators in cages for the pleasure of their human masters. If they win their battles, they’re allowed the chance to choose a mate. We follow the story of infamous cage warrior Leto, as he is forced to train up a new ‘recruit’, Nynn, who committed the ultimate sin of falling in love with a human. As he tries his best to break her, forcing her to face up to the past she escaped from and embrace the warrior inside, he starts to release her incredible powers. Soon the heat between them goes nuclear . . . and the fall out will change the fate of the Dragon Kings forever.

It’s gripping, sexy, incredibly addictive stuff and anyone who loves JR Ward should pick up Caged Warrior straight away, particularly because it’s only £1.99 until the 5th January! Auntie Edna pretending she’s gluten intolerant when last year it was ‘diabetes’? Granny’s accidentally poured away the gravy while trying to help? Brother grumpy because his stocking wasn’t as good as yours? It’s all ok. Take a deep breath and pick up Lindsey Piper.

Spotlight on: Christine Feehan

This month we publish Lair of the Lion, Christine Feehan’s eerie and engrossing 19th century romance. Adding a gothic twist to the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale, this ebook is perfect for fans of Feehan, or anyone new to her writing.

And if you haven’t read Christine Feehan before, you’re in for a treat. A Romantic Times reviewer said ‘I almost missed my bus stop because I was so engrossed in the series’ and J.R. Ward calls Feehan’s novels ‘must reading that always satisfies!’ 

Her novels are exciting, erotic and romantic all at once, with plenty of action, great characters and the kind of plots that will have you turning the page with breathless anticipation.




Did you know?

  • Christine Feehan is a number one New York Times bestselling author
  • She has had over 40 novels published and four series
  • She grew up in California with three brothers and ten sisters
  • Her favourite hobbies are reading and walking on the beach
  • If she was allowed one superpower, it would be to be able to fly
  • You can buy branded Carpathian clothing online. Check out the site here.

Christine Feehan writes a number of series for our sister imprint, Piatkus: the Dark Carpathian series, Ghostwalkers, the Leopard People series and Sisters of the Heart