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Piatkus Entice Stocking Filler: Kate Doran

This week we have Piatkus Marketer Kate, who is celebrating a bit of a late Christmas (extended family, you know). She’s excited to share what she hopes to find in her (belated) Christmas stocking!


I’ve chosen Whispers in the Snow as my Entice stocking filler. Packed with secrets, tragedy and hope, Jessica Blair’s wonderful holiday novella is the ultimate Christmas read.  If you want something to make you feel warm and cosy long after the last mince pie has been eaten, Whispers in the Snow is the book for you.

Happy publication day to Jessica Blair!

On a blustery winter evening, curled up in front of a fire or even snuggled up under the duvet, you’ll find the Entice team with (what else but?) a great read! And luckily, the perfect holiday ebook has released today!

Whispers in the Snow is the first novella written by saga author Jessica Blair and combines ghost story with Christmas in a bite-sized serving of period story-telling. And it’s out now!


December 1964.

Kate Slater has been brought up in London by an Aunt who she has always called Mum because she never knew her mother and father. Two years after her Aunt dies, Kate receives a letter from a solicitor in Lincolnshire, telling her that if she contacts him in person she could learn something which might be to her advantage.

Kate has never been north of London and does not relish heading to Lincolnshire especially as snow has been forecast. She is inclined to ignore the letter, but something or someone ushers her to head there. Kate learns from the solicitor that she has been left a property by an Aunt she never knew existed. She is taken to inspect the cottage. It is in bad repair, isolated, near an old wartime airfield. Kate’s immediate reaction is to sell it and return to London. But then the whisperings of ghosts grow stronger and urge Kate to stay.

A Christmas memory from Jessica Blair (William Spence)

Tomorrow we publish Whispers in the Snow by Jessica Blair, our first ever Entice saga novella! Just reading it gets us in the holiday spirit and inspires us to think of days gone by.

In this special author post, Jessica Blair shares her Christmas memory and how she found out Santa might be all that he seems . . .




He comes in the night! He comes in the night!

He softly, silently comes;

While the little brown heads on the pillows so white,

Are dreaming of bugles and drums.


‘Mum, I’ve asked Father Christmas for the Boy’s Own Annual and it will be too big to fit into this.’


‘Don’t you want me to hang your sock up as usual?’ his mother asked.


‘What’s the use?’ he snapped grumpily, throwing the sock off the bed.


‘As you wish,’ she replied.


With his lips tight, he thumped his pillows angrily.


‘Settle down, Billy,’ she said with soothing authority. ‘Go to sleep; otherwise Father Christmas won’t call.’


‘What’s the use?’ he muttered.


Mum was awake early, listening for any movement in Billy’s bedroom. Hearing him stirring, she slipped out of bed without waking Billy’s Dad.  She found Billy, emptying the contents of his sock, not looking particularly thrilled even though he knew later in day the there would be presents from his Mum and Dad and grandparents.


As she sat down on the bed, she said, ‘What’s this pillow doing on the floor?’


Billy craned over the edge of the bed. ‘Dunno, Mum.’


She picked it up.  ‘There’s something in it,’ she said, placing it on the bed.


His natural curiosity was sparked and he automatically looked inside. His attention was caught, but what was it? He reached in; his hand closed round something. He tried to drag it out but it was heavy. He stretched in with his other hand; his head disappeared into the pillowcase. He pulled. His head re-emerged and was followed by a large thick book.


His eyes widened, stunned by the title: Boy’s Own Annual.


He looked at her. ‘Mum, he got my letter!’


‘And he thought to bring a pillowcase!’ she pointed out quietly. ‘Come on. Let’s tell your Dad.’


Billy scrambled down off the bed, took the book into his arms, went out on to the landing and headed for his parents’ bedroom to find his Dad.


Then he stopped in mid-stride and looked curiously at his mother who smiled because she had read his thoughts. The last words of the poem, laced with his wonderment of discovery, came slowly from him.


‘Then, children, be good to the little old man,

When you find who the little man is.’


Whispers in the Snow by Jessica Blair is out December 4th from Piatkus Entice and is the perfect holiday read!

The joy of a delightful saga!

Christmas might not be here yet, but Piatkus Entice are delighted to announce that they will be publishing a gorgeous festive novella by Jessica Blair, Whispers in the Snow, on the 4th of December. In the meantime, the Piatkus Entice editors couldn’t help but share their love for sagas with us all – and what these sweeping, heartfelt and memorable reads mean to them!





Grace says:

Just like my weekly fix of Downton Abbey or reading my treasured Jane Austen, UK saga books allow me to escape my present and explore the past. It’s remarkable to look into the normal lives of all classes and all ages and find what points I can relate to – surprisingly many! The strength of women is one theme I particularly enjoy and the perseverance of love – of course!

Anna says:

I remember, at about ten years old, discovering my grandmother’s collections of Victoria Holt  and Danielle Steele. Two harems, a struggling country lass and a Russian princess later I was absolutely hooked, a complete convert to the sweeping, gloriously epic, multi-generational story. I love staying with characters and seeing how they change over the years, love the different parts of the world they cover and the reassuring moral certainties – you know that the baddies will reveal themselves and eventually meet their just deserts in a satisfyingly horrible way! Finally, I also love their sheer weight – there’s something very soothing about a book with a bit of heft to it, promising happy hours of complete absorption in an altogether more dramatic world! I’m delighted to see them coming back and am definitely looking out for the next big saga author – we’re doing very well with Jessica Blair and Ken McCoy and it’s a genre I’d love for Piatkus to publish more of. If you’d like to discover some new, brilliant sagas visit our Entice Saga selection here.

Caroline says:

I absolutely love the saga genre and I’ve been a longstanding reader and fan of authors Annie Murray and Margaret Dickinson. There’s a wonderful sense of comfort in reading this genre, and I can find myself getting completely lost in the characters’ worlds for hours at a time! It’s addictive, page-turning reading! Just out on Piatkus Entice is Margaret Sunley’s Fields in the Sun and this compelling family saga, set in the nineteenth-century Yorkshire Dales, is a superb read.


Fields in the Sun is available from Piatkus Entice now!