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Beating the Back to ‘School’ Blues



It’s back to school time and, though it’s been a while since I gathered up my backpack and hurried off to the classroom, this time of year still has the same feeling.

Does anyone else feel that way?

Either way, we thought it’d be the perfect time to look at some reads that help us hold onto that holiday feeling, plus a couple that are all about the possibilities of new starts.

Tales From Honeymoon HotelFirst up is TALES FROM A HONEYMOON HOTEL by Olivia Ryan

Three newly-wed couples. Three honeymoons. One hotel. And one ultimate question: does true love really conquer all obstacles?
Set in Korçula Town, you can return to a beautiful, romantic holiday setting.

This one is for those of us that love the softer side of romance mixed with humour. You’ll fall in love as each couple realises that an immediate post-wedding happy-ever-after is not always guaranteed, but that true love is worth fighting for . . .



Moment of Letting GoKeeping with the holiday theme, brings us to J. A. Redmerski’s THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO – set in Hawaii.

Ever been on holiday, met that perfect guy…

You wonder, is it just a holiday fling, what would have happened if you’d met him back home…

This is the incredibly moving story of what could happen if you take a chance and stay just a little longer. This one just might make you cry.


Breaking ClearFor those that are dreading what the new ‘school’ year will bring, I suggest you tuck into M. J. Summer’s BREAKING CLEAR.

Harper has it all, great job, great place, great lifestyle, then with one call from home everything changes.

Back in her small town home, living next to ‘the hot guy from High School’, Harper is now a fish out of water, but she’s got the grit and determination to sort things out.

This is laugh-out-loud funny!


Opening UpStill sticking with our theme of scary changes, I’m recommending OPENING UP by Lauren Dane.

PJ is doggedly pursuing her dream despite being hemmed in by the family business, but she’s about to really take a chance in life and in love. Add in the incredibly hot co-owner of the Twisted Steel – a custom motorcycle shop – and you’re in for a really great, and Hot!, read.

Our Top Holiday Romance Reads

Moment of Letting GoToday we publish the gorgeous, escapist summer-holiday-in-a-book that is J.A. Redmerski’s The Moment of Letting Go. Whether you’re about to head off somewhere sunny or fancy an armchair vacation, this is just the perfect summer read. To keep Redmerski company, I’ve selected another four top romantic reads in a mix of genres that should all command space in your holiday suitcase or bookshelf. All four are extremely readable (warning: don’t start any of these if you intend to speak to any of your loved ones for the duration) and contain intense, all-consuming relationships and evocative settings.

1. Sharp, witty romcoms are a weakness of mine but there are a lot of mediocre books out there. Unsticky, which is nowhere near as famous as it ought to be, is deliciously addictive, funny and moving with the added perks of great clothes, the most realistic sex scene I’ve ever read and a heroine you would take on the world for.


Bronze horseman2. The Bronze Horseman is just a complete classic: an epic, sweeping, heart-wrenching romance. I read it on a girly summer holiday when I was around seventeen and immediately forced it on everyone else. As a result, we spent the summer with one of the group continuously out of action and in Alexander’s arms. Trust all four of us when we say he is one of the best romantic heroes ever.


The Soldier's Wife3. The Soldier’s Wife: This Australian wartime love story is based on the true story of the author’s own family history and is easy to read, nostalgic and very sweet – if you enjoyed Michelle Magorian‘s Back Home, this is one for you. I was charmed by it and have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t fall instantly in love with Pamela Hart‘s storytelling. Highly recommended!


Lemon Grove

4. This book. It’s so twisted but so wonderful! I could not put The Lemon Grove down. It’s filthy sexy in a way that’s all the more shocking because of the beautiful, poetic writing. Be prepared for it to get nasty but also be prepared to be absolutely swept away. Not for the faint-hearted but not a ride you should miss.

J. A. Redmerski Joins Piatkus!

We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of J. A. Redmerski’s stand-alone romance, THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO. Set in Hawaii, this is a sexy, delightful whirlwind of a romance that’s absolutely perfect to escape with this summer. J. A. Redmerski is the bestselling author of THE EDGE OF NEVER, and we’re so happy to welcome her to Piatkus!

J.A. has also picked out her very own book boyfriend, being as it’s so close to Valentine’s Day:

As far as my ‘book boyfriend’, I’d have to say that: “My number one book boyfriend is (and no one has yet to beat him for the spot) Alexander Barrington, more intimately known as ‘Shura’ from THE BRONZE HORSEMAN trilogy. Talk about swoon! Not only is Alexander a military man, but he’s super protective of the girl he loves and will fight to the ends of the Earth for her. He’s got that bad-boy vibe, but without being bad. He’s kind and compassionate, yet mouthy and sometimes infuriating! And did I mention he’s panty-melting sexy?”