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Hank Phillippi Ryan on The Other Woman

To celebrate publication of her debut novel The Other Woman, Hank Phillippi Ryan (left, with Lee Child) shares the story of how her dreams came true . . .

What if your hearts’ desire is right around the corner?

I promise you—it is. And let me tell you why.

I’ve always wanted to write mysteries—ever since I read my first Sherlock Holmes short story back when I was eight or so. I was kind of a bookish girl, a loner, and Holmes and Watson were my best friends. (Well, my only friends.) And the idea that they could be clever and track down clues and solve mysteries and find the bad guy  became simply—my life’s ambition.

Fast forward—instead of becoming a mystery author, I became a television reporter, now an investigative reporter for Boston’s NBC affiliate.  It is, actually, kind of Holmes-like—I track down clues and follow leads and, I’ve wired myself with hidden cameras and confronted corrupt politicians and chased after criminals. And I did think I had made my life’s career decision. I’m a reporter—have been for the last thirty years!—and happily and successfully so.

The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi RyanBut then, a few years ago, I got a great idea for a mystery novel. You know what it’s like to get a good idea, right? You know it to your core—and I even get goosebumps telling you about it.  From that moment, I was obsessed with writing my first novel.   And from that moment, my life changed.

And here’s the instructive part:  My little-girl dreams of being a mystery novelist had come true—years later, yes.  But I never could have predicted what was right around the corner for me.  But I’m the proof it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

So let me offer you a new holiday. My husband and I don’t celebrate the anniversary of the day we met. We celebrate the anniversary of the day before we met. And we call it “You Never Know Day.”

Think about it. On a random Thursday one summer, now fifteen years ago!–  Jonathan and I were going about our separate lives, having no idea the other existed.

The next day–on a random Friday–Jonathan and I met at a country house on the coast of Massachusetts.  I took one look at him—and he took one look at me—and we have not been apart since then. We are happy and thriving and delighted with what the universe has provided.

Think about that—on that Thursday, our lives were one way. The next day—our dreams had come true. You never know.

And now, my fifth novel—THE OTHER WOMAN–a page-turner of a suspense thriller about sex, secrets and duplicity—is about to be published.  Have you ever wondered about THE OTHER WOMAN?  Who would play that role? And why? And how do these illicit couples believe they’ll never get caught? And why don’t they care? Might there be a reason we’ve never imagined before?

Lee Child calls THE OTHER WOMAN “a big juicy story”—that “does everything a great suspense novel should.”

And that’s why if you’re feeling like true love will never arrive, that your life is a certain way that cannot be changed, that your dreams cannot come true—celebrate you never know day with me. Because you never know what’s around the next corner, do you?

And it might be everything you ever wished for.

To find out more visit Hank Phillippi Ryan’s website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter @hank_phillippi


The Other Woman: The Ultimate Romantic Suspense

The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi RyanWe’re hugely excited to announce the arrival of Hank Phillippi Ryan on the Entice list. With dirty politics, dirty tricks and a barrage of final twists, The Other Woman is the first in an explosive new series of seduction, betrayal and murder.

This novel is getting rave reviews amongst the Entice team, but don’t just take our word for it. Below five internationally bestselling authors sing the praises of The Other Woman.

Does everything a great suspense novel should . . . Ryan raises the bar sky-high – I knew she was good, but I had no idea she was this good.
Lee Child

Fast-talking, quick-thinking, schooled in the gritty reality of crime reporting, Jane Ryland works to rehabilitate her professional reputation while she establishes herself in a new job, complete with a rival, a new man in her sights, and a serious problem on her hands; all of it coming together in a heart-stopping finale. Innocent bystanders beware! This series is off and running. You better hope you can catch up.
Sue Grafton

A rocket ride of a thriller!  Ryan effortlessly captures the frenetic pace of colliding lives, cutting edge journalism, and killer secrets, as only a true insider would know. Brava!
Lisa Gardiner

What a wonderful heroine! Anyone who loves smart, multi-dimensional characters will fall for Jane Ryland. It’s a thrilling ride and a thrilling read.
Louise Penny

The Other Woman is the book that will launch her onto the national bestseller lists: a thriller that twists so fast it’ll leave you gasping. If you think you know where this story’s going, you don’t – but I promise, you won’t want to wait to find out.
Joseph Finder