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Every Little Thing, Samantha Young Excerpt

To celebrate yesterday’s publication of Samantha Young‘s incredible Every Little Thing we have a special excerpt from the novel! Read on for Chapter 1: 

The early morning was dull, the waves a little rougher, a little more hurried than usual as they rushed the shore, and gulls flew above in a sky that matched the water perfectly in its melancholic gray.

Behind the floor‑to‑ceiling glass of his penthouse suite Vaughn stared out from his boardwalk hotel at the scene and thought how it wasn’t whole without his other senses in play. The boardwalk below, the beach, the ocean, it all seemed but a moving picture. The reality of it was in the caws of the gulls he couldn’t hear behind his expensive triple glazing. The reality of it was in the smells beyond the window— the salt air, the hot dogs, burgers, and the warm sweetness of cotton candy.

That’s what made his boardwalk feel like home.



He’d come to Hartwell to escape the ugliness he’d left behind in Manhattan. Hartwell was peaceful. Although it had thousands of tourists pouring in every summer, and there was always some kind of festival or celebration going on, there was a tranquility here that crowds of people couldn’t diminish.

Vaughn had needed that serenity. The plan was to soak up all that peace until the time came for him to go back to the center of his business operations in New York.

Somewhere along the way, Hartwell changed from a refuge to home.

Home is where the heart is.

His gaze wandered back outside to the stillness of the boardwalk, and to his utter frustration his heart jumped in his chest at a glimpse of bright auburn hair. He leaned forward to get a better look.

Sure enough.

It was her.


She strode down the boardwalk from the direction of her own establishment, Hart’s Inn, her long hair blowing in the wind. Vaughn pressed closer to the glass, trying to get a better look, but it was impossible from this height.

All he could make out were the jeans she wore tucked into brown ankle boots and the green sweater that was far too thin to be worn this early in the morning.

He frowned. The woman needed to buy a goddamn jacket.

She smiled and he caught sight of her neighbor Iris approaching her. For a moment he envied Iris that smile. It was hard to resist Bailey Hartwell’s smile. It had an effect on people.

On him.


Especially since he couldn’t recall a time when that smile had ever been directed at him.

Bailey followed Iris out of his line of sight.

He tried to follow them and smacked his head off the glass. “Fuck.” Vaughn rubbed at his forehead and turned away from the window.

His eyes were drawn to the huge bed across the room where a slender redhead whose name he couldn’t remember was lying sleeping.

One immediate problem was that he saw Bailey everywhere.

He even saw her in other women despite his best efforts to channel his attention elsewhere.

Ignoring the growing ache of longing in his chest, a half-dressed Vaughn took the white shirt that had been pressed and hung up for him off the hanger and shrugged it on. Then he chose a blue silk tie from his collection. His waistcoat and jacket followed suit. Dressed for the day, he strolled over to the bed and leaned down to nudge the redhead awake. She groaned and opened her eyes and instead of clear green eyes that made his blood burn, brown ones stared up at him.

“Time to leave.” He walked away without looking back.

Every Little Thing is out now! Get it here:




A Chat with Kirsty Moseley and Samantha Young

Sam and Kirsty
It’s been an amazing week in publishing with the release of Samantha Young’s
The One Real Thing and Kirsty Moseley’s Fighting to Be Free. We’re excited about the start of both new series and to mark the occasion Kirsty and Samantha agreed to give us a little window into their world.

What’s a typical day in the life of Samantha Young/Kirsty Moseley? 

Samantha Young: About two years ago, after suffering the worst jet lag ever upon returning from a book signing in Australia, I discovered that my brain is far more alert early in the morning. So instead of writing at night I get up around 6am, let the puppies out “to do their business”, make a coffee and dive into writing. I’ll write about 3.5K to 4K words and then get ready for the day. I take the dogs out, I run errands, I work out, and then I come back and answer emails, social media notifications etc. Early afternoon I’ll write a few thousand words, and then take the dogs out again (they rule my life!), and have some chill out time with the family over dinner. At night I usually get back on social media to do some promotional stuff. 

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Kirsty Moseley: Well, I have a child so that pretty much guarantees no lie in! After breakfast and school run; there’s the minimum amount of tidying that I can get away with and then the laptop is fired up. Takes at least an hour, maybe two to catch up on my emails and social media before the word doc gets opened and I *hopefully* get some words written! I usually forget to eat lunch when I’m working, but the coffee is always flowing! Then 3pm is school run time. After dinner, if my son doesn’t force me to beat him on the PlayStation (I am pretty beast!) then it’s usually a bit of TV (Hollyoaks is a must see in the Moseley household) or reading. Bedtime is usually with an audiobook of some crime or thriller novel because they are the best to listen to late at night! To be honest, I’m just a normal mum who hides from the housework by pretending to work really hard on my novels… lol


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Kirsty Moseley: Salt and Vinegar crisps. Easiest choice ever. They have to be Walkers though.

Samantha Young: Cake. Madeira Cake. Victoria Sponge. Double chocolate gateau. Lemon white chocolate cupcakes. Cakes. Cakes. Cakes. I’m a certified cake fiend. Cake can only be given to me in small doses and in limited amounts annually.


What was the last TV programme that stole your breath? 

Samantha Young: Game of Thrones. I forget that it’s a TV show and become incredibly invested in it and the characters (which considering the track record of short life spans in GRR Martin’s world sets me up for constant heartbreak). Thankfully I have friends and family who are just as invested. We talk about the latest episodes like this stuff is really happening. 

Kirsty Moseley: The ending of The Walking Dead season 6, I mean, come on…. what…. no……


What was the best romance you’ve read recently?

Kirsty Moseley: Reap by Tillie Cole. I was late joining the Scarred Souls party so now playing catch up. Can’t wait to dive into book 3!

Samantha Young: Definitely Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde. I love me some Reapers MC! Her MC world is so authentic and well-researched, and the chemistry between her characters seeps out of the pages. I lose myself in that world, which is all I can ask for from a good book.

Thanks to both Samantha and Kirsty for answering all our questions, and for writing such fabulous books.

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