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Shawntelle Madison on KEPT

Author Shawntelle Madison introduces book two in her fantastic urban paranormal series, available now on Entice.

Kept by Shawntelle MadisonKept, the second book in my urban fantasy romance series, is available now! I’m quite excited for everyone to get a chance to follow Natalya Stravinsky as she tries to reunite with her werewolf pack. The journey to write Kept was a fun, yet bumpy one–similar to Nat’s mission to help save her father.

Whenever I start writing a book, I know the first scene and the final scene. The characters are lounging around in my head. I can see the heroine chatting away and she’s waiting for me to take note of her surroundings and circumstances. It took me a while to actually sit down and write that first scene. (Unfortunately.) Yes, I’m one of those authors who writes in bursts. The first scene in Kept, with Natalya and Aggie, had to convey many things. As the second book in the series, I didn’t want a reader who hadn’t read the first to be lost. I wanted them to get to know Natalya.

This is easier said than done when writing paranormal books. Worldbuilding is an important aspect and the first book required a vast universe in place: Thorn the werewolf, Bill the goblin, Nick the white wizard, the supernatural therapy group, Natalya’s rambunctious Russian family, even the aspects of how old magic and werewolf work. And that was just beginning. There were many layers to be explored. Questions to be answered. And I had to make all this happen for book two after writing that first scene. Intimidating is the perfect word in this regard.

So how did I get through it to reach that final scene in my head? I wrote a synopsis to my story and I stuck to it. I followed Nat on her journey and tackled issues as I encountered them. The beautiful thing about a second book is now I can explore more aspects I could only touch upon briefly in the first book. My editor, who I adore, pushed me to delve into things you might’ve wanted to know more about from book one: What is old magic? Can Natalya learn it, too? What kept Thorn away from South Toms River? Why did he feel compelled to leave her behind? Will Nat be reunited with Thorn, or is she meant to be with Nick? Is Nat’s hoarding problem under control?

Naturally, new questions came about also in book two. If asked, I’d say my writing process for the series involves creating a first draft, then adding depth to a story through editing. I’ve never written a perfect first draft and I never will. I want to bring my characters to life, even if they are flawed, and that requires hard work over time.

So, are you tempted to find out more about Natalya? Want to read the first two chapters of Kept? Head to my website for a preview, then hoard a copy from Piatkus Entice.

Shawntelle Madison Blog Tour

If you can’t get enough of Shawntelle Madison‘s charmingly quirky werewolf heroine, Natalya Stravinsky, don’t miss her UK blog tour!

And if you’ve not yet read Shawntelle Madison, now’s the time to get involved!

Coveted and Kept are the first two books in a funny, sexy new urban paranormal series from Shawntelle Madison: think Charlaine Harris meets Janet Evanovich. Exciting, enticing and seriously sexy, these books are perfect for whiling away those dark autumn evenings.

Entice author Shawntelle will be touring some of our favourite UK blogs for 5 days starting from 29th October, with Kept available to buy from 1st November.

Coveted by Shawntelle Madison is out now. Kept by Shawntelle Madison is available from 1st November.


Shawntelle Madison introduces Coveted

Coveted by Shawntelle MadisonI’d like to thank Piatkus Entice for inviting me here today! I’m really excited about my first ebook release with them this month. My book, Coveted, is about a werewolf with OCD who hoards holiday trinkets. I wrote the story in late 2009 to 2010 and now Natalya Stravinsky is out in the world.

I have a special place in my heart for the underdog in any story. I’ve seen it in books and movies—that one individual who faces many adversities, but in the end they come out on top. It’s the spirit of the underdog that’s a part of my book Coveted. And in it my heroine Natalya faces not only an obsessive compulsive disorder but the issues associated with her family and friends and her pack. She is the quintessential underdog due to feeling beat down and depressed.

Natalya is not your average kick-butt heroine. She has flaws. And they’re something she can’t run away from or turn off no matter how much she wants to. But when her family or friends are in trouble, she is still loyal to the very end.

Right now I’m watching a really entertaining South Korean television show, or as they are called, k-drama. The heroine of the story is a housewife who works day-to-day in the home with her mother-in-law. She also has a part-time in a rice cake shop. She’s underappreciated and her husband sees her as inferior since he is rising in the ranks as a sociology professor and a relationship TV show host. He doesn’t value her anymore as the woman who worked hard to pay his way through school and the woman he fell in love with.

This could be any show, right? But it detailed the classic underdog. I really connected with the heroine as she made the decision to change her life to move out of the house, to divorce her husband, and to start on a path of personal growth and become a singer. There’s a lot more to show than that, and it was quite humorous and entertaining, but there was something special about her. I could see myself. I remembered the times when I wasn’t valued, when others didn’t see the potential in me. She was the underdog and when I saw her transition from being a housewife to becoming a famous singer, I cheered her on. I wanted her to win and improve her life.

I feel the same way about Natalya. She has her down moments. And a lot of them made me cry to write them. Who hasn’t felt longing for someone they can’t be with? Who hasn’t been a part of a group of friends, only to find you’re not welcome anymore—because you’re different? I can tell you I’ve personally felt that way several times growing up. I can recall many times when I wished I had better clothes or I hung out with the popular kids. I wanted to be “belong.” Now that I’m older, I can see that with time and growth, things change. I’ve accomplished so many personal goals I’ve set for myself. With three kids running around the house I’ve managed to sit down and write several books. Even with interruptions to fetch chocolate milk and make dinner.

Natalya will also have her moment in the limelight. She will shine and take steps forward to improve her life. It won’t happen overnight and she won’t get everything she hopes to receive, but, like the popular idiom goes, every dog has its day and Natalya will have hers as well.

So do you enjoy stories featuring underdogs? Movies where the little guy comes out on top? I’d love to hear your favourites.

If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter as Shawntelle, on Facebook and through my website. I also do blog posts on Wicked Authors (Mondays) and Magic & Mayhem Writers (Wednesdays).