Jackie Hatton, Editor of Best magazine, reviews Coming Home

This month, Best magazine Editor Jackie Hatton discovers a romance read with a difference in Mariah Stewart’s Coming Home. . .

Coming Home is a fast-paced and gripping love story with a twist.  Mixing crime, thriller and romance all into one book, it sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions right from the start.

The story centres around Grady Shields who is tall, dashing, kind and mysterious – all you need in a leading man. A dark and painful past sees him flee his home town of St Dennis, in America and relocate to Montana, far away from the life he now wishes to forget, where he becomes something of a recluse.

So when he is asked to return to St Dennis for his sister’s wedding, he is hesitant, not wishing to rake over the memories of a life he’s left behind. But what Grady doesn’t expect to find back in his home town is the gorgeous Vanessa. It’s easy to see why Vanessa catches Grady’s eye from the outset. A young and stylish lady with her own boutique in the centre of town, Vanessa is the girl all women want to be, and all men want to be with.  Of course, neither Grady nor Vanessa is looking for love, but they seem to enjoy the friendship which is slowly developing.

As the plot deepens, it becomes quickly evident that not all is what it appears to be. It seems Vanessa is in a spot of bother, as her ugly past has come back to haunt her. Luckily for her ex FBI agent/local hottie Grady is on hand to help her get to the bottom of things.  As they begin to try and solve some of the weird happenings in town they also start to uncover some home truths about each other.  

Of course they grow closer and more familiar with each other as they delve deeper into the investigation, but can they resist their undeniable and growing attraction?

A page turner from start to finish, Coming Home is a perfect read for those who like romance novels with a difference, as this love story certainly packs a punch. 

Coming Home by Mariah Stewart is available from Piatkus Entice now.