Emma Allan erotica titles on Entice

This month, five Emma Allan titles are available for the first time on Entice. Here, Emma introduces them . . .

I’m very excited at the publication of the first five of my books on Piatkus Entice. What I like to explore as a writer is the reaction of ordinary people, with often very limited sexual experience, being put in situations where they are offered the opportunity to expand their sexual horizons. As a result, their involvement in activities that they might previously have thought of as taboo ignite all sorts of hidden passions and desires.

In AMATEUR NIGHTS for instance I tried to imagine what an attractive married woman, sexually frustrated due to her husband’s lack of interest in her, would do if she was mistaken for a high class call girl and offered money for sex. It’s such an interesting situation. My character, Diana, accepts the money and the role and embarks on a roller coaster ride of sexual exploration. She finds that pretending to be a call girl gives her a sexual freedom she’s never experienced before. Her adventure continues in AMATEUR DAYS.

NAKED AMBITION has a different premise. Here a plain but extremely hard working girl realises that in the television company she works for a lot of less talented girls are getting on purely because they are beautiful and willing to sleep with the boss. Inheriting a little money she decides she is going to play the same game and transform herself. The difference is immediately apparent. Men become pawns to her ambition but in the process she also discovers she has a natural talent for sex and uses it to get just what she wants. In NAKED INTENT she soon finds that her talent is properly rewarded and that sex is one way for her to break through the glass ceiling.

Sex between married couples can often become routine and boring. In SECRETS a couple are offered the opportunity to join a very exclusive and very decadent club. Reluctant at first they are gradually drawn into the furthest reaches of sexual behaviour. But will it all end in tears? You’ll have to read the book to find out . . .

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