Tales From a Honeymoon Hotel

Three newly-wed couples. Three honeymoons. One hotel. And one ultimate question: does true love really conquer all obstacles?

“Korçula Town, Croatia – Stay at the friendly and romantic ‘Hotel Angelo’. Perfect for honeymooners, this hotel overlooks the beautiful little harbour, and has enchantingly romantic views . . . ”

Childhood sweethearts, Gemma and Andy Collins, are madly in love and have come to Korçula for the perfect honeymoon after their perfect wedding. Chosen because its recommendation in a wedding magazine, they soon find they are not the only honeymooners at the hotel when they meet the young and strangely matched Jo and Mark Weston, and older couple, Ruby and Harold Dimmock.

However, soon each couple’s relationship is laid bare when their marriages are threatened. They all realise that an immediate post-wedding happy-ever-after is not always guaranteed, but also that true love is worth fighting for . . .

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