Sleeping With The Fishes

Fredericka Bimm – Fred – is a mermaid. But she is not the stuff of legends . . . A marine biologist, Fred knows what’s in the water so chooses not to expose herself to those toxins.  She’s allergic to shellfish.  The sea creatures she can communicate with won’t do her bidding.  She doesn’t have long blonde hair or a perfect body. And she’s definitely not perky! Fred’s life is mostly spent trying to conceal her origins  – and lately she’s been trying to figure out just why there are weird levels of toxins in the local seawater. Then two strangers come into her life. Her new colleague is a sexy – if over-curious – hunk with a mermaid fixation. The other claims he is Artur, the high prince of the black seas –  and Fred’s rightful ruler!

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