Sensual Contact

Amanda’s existence lacks lustre. Her sex life with her husband, Greg, has become a chore. Amanda secretly craves the kind of erotic excitement her friend Maggie is always telling her about. And Maggie has the answer – a little magazine called Contacts.

Soon it turns out that Amanda’s troubles are just a phone call away from a very welcome solution. But making that call is a bold step. The first on the road to sexual enlightenment and the experience of a new dawn of sensual fulfilment . . .

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2 Responses to Sensual Contact

  1. Geena Roberts says:

    I am a huge fan of Emma Allan’s writing. Her writing is classy, sexy and hot – there is great attention to detail – the setups, ambiance and characters – and the build to all of the sexy action – is very hot and erotic.
    The action too is described in juicy detail – and this book too does not disappoint in all these counts. There is a lot of juicy FF, FFM and group action.

    I am a huge fan of erotic fiction in general – and a bit of a writer too in forums like Literotica. I believe that if Miss Emma makes the action more hardcore and porn style that would really awesome – what I mean is action like FF snowballing, ATM, some juicy watersports, more hardcore foursome and orgy action – juicy hardcore porn style action – with more hardcore FF action, FF sharing of all of the sexy “fluids” etc – more hot and graphic descriptions.

    It would also be awesome if the book length was a bit longer too.

    Other awesome ideas for Miss Emma to develop would be an erotic series with a sexy heroine like the Christina series by Blakely St James in the 80’s – but much more hardcore and porn-style.

    Kudos to Emma Allan – keep more erotic sexy fiction coming out – you have a HUGE fan following in the US – especially on Amazon Kindle. I definitely am one and have bought all her books!

    Would LOVE to know your thoughts and if you need more sexy hardcore ideas to develop plots

    THank you !
    A Huge Fan (Geena)

  2. Dominic Wakeford says:

    Hi Geena,

    Thanks for your comments! We’re glad you enjoy Emma’s novels so much!

    If you like Emma Allan then we think you’d love Cara McKenna – particularly her book Hard Time.

    Best wishes,
    Piatkus Editorial

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