Midtown Masters

From the author of Downtown Devil comes the third novel in a trilogy that explores illicit pleasures.


Online, Suzy Park and Meyer Cohen are a hot, young couple willing to try  anything their paying viewers desire. Their chemistry offline, though,  is fizzling out. They’d call it quits if not for the high they get from  captivating their audience with mind-blowing sex.

Lately,  however, one of their clients has begun captivating Suzy. With requests  for vanilla sex that annoy Meyer to no end, Lindsay seems to be a lonely  innocent needing an imitation of romance. Suzy and Lindsay discover a  bond that only deepens once the camera stops rolling, but Lindsay has a  secret, that “she” is really a he pretending to be a woman for research,  and the cost of confessing could turn a simple arrangement into a  hands-on education . . .

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