The New York Times bestselling author of Brash returns to the Triple C Ranch in River Black, Texas, for more cowboys, romance, and danger…


The Triple C Ranch is full of cowboys, romance and danger…

Ranch hand Blue Perez’s once simple life is spinning out of control.  He’s discovered he has three half-brothers, and they’re not ready to  accept his claim on the ranch. Also, Blue’s girlfriend may have betrayed  him in the worst way possible. And after one evening of drowning his  sorrows at the bar, there’s someone he can’t get out of his mind, a  woman who says she’s carrying his child.

Following a night of  breathtaking passion in the arms of a man who now rules her dreams,  waitress Emily Shiver is contemplating her next step. Blue is determined  to be a part of her life, yet she would rather raise the baby on her  own. But when she becomes the target of someone’s dark obsession, Emily  must let Blue in – to both her heart and her future.

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