Black Sheep

The second in Zara Cox’s scorching hot new series, perfect for readers of Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sylvia Day.


Axel Rutherford:

She was my childhood sweetheart. I loved her more than my life.

Now she belongs to my father. She’s the trophy he’d rewarded himself with after sending me to war. What he didn’t know was that she was mine before she was his.

Oh wait, he knew. It was my punishment for daring to defy him. For daring to walk away.

But she was mine first. And even though I hate her now, she’s an addiction I cannot shake. And the truth is I never forgot her.

Problem is my father hasn’t forgotten either.

I was his black sheep from the day I was born. The Prodigal Son. I still am. There’s a price on my head for the secrets I carry. He looks at me with murder in his eyes.

Which means claiming her again might mean death for her. It would mean the same for me if I cared about dying.

I don’t.

But now my father’s woman carries my child.

I don’t intend to stop.

Not until I inherit the whole kingdom.

Mercy Evans:

My rock: the boy turned man who hates me but craves my body.

My hard place: the father who hates his son but owns me.

My end: who knows?

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