An Eye for an Eye: A Home & Away Novella

WORLD PREMIERE. The Braxton family face their biggest challenge yet in this thrilling story featuring never-before-seen material inspired by the one-off Presto special episode Home and Away: An Eye for An Eye.

Contains Exclusive Scenes Not Shown on TV

Ricky is left devastated after her beautiful baby boy, Casey, is abducted in a calculated act of revenge by Brax’s foe, Gunno. In a race against time, Heath, Ash and Kyle desperately search for Casey while Bianca, Ricky and Phoebe frantically try to save ransom money. But as the clock ticks, a shocking revelation about Brax threatens to turn upside down the life that Ricky has built for herself. What does this mean for her rekindled romance with the gorgeous, reliable Nate?

Incredibly moving and dramatic, Home and Away: An Eye for An Eye takes you into the hearts and minds of the Braxton family and your favourite characters in the tight-knit community of Summer Bay. It will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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