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Every Little Thing, Samantha Young Excerpt

To celebrate yesterday’s publication of Samantha Young‘s incredible Every Little Thing we have a special excerpt from the novel! Read on for Chapter 1: 

The early morning was dull, the waves a little rougher, a little more hurried than usual as they rushed the shore, and gulls flew above in a sky that matched the water perfectly in its melancholic gray.

Behind the floor‑to‑ceiling glass of his penthouse suite Vaughn stared out from his boardwalk hotel at the scene and thought how it wasn’t whole without his other senses in play. The boardwalk below, the beach, the ocean, it all seemed but a moving picture. The reality of it was in the caws of the gulls he couldn’t hear behind his expensive triple glazing. The reality of it was in the smells beyond the window— the salt air, the hot dogs, burgers, and the warm sweetness of cotton candy.

That’s what made his boardwalk feel like home.



He’d come to Hartwell to escape the ugliness he’d left behind in Manhattan. Hartwell was peaceful. Although it had thousands of tourists pouring in every summer, and there was always some kind of festival or celebration going on, there was a tranquility here that crowds of people couldn’t diminish.

Vaughn had needed that serenity. The plan was to soak up all that peace until the time came for him to go back to the center of his business operations in New York.

Somewhere along the way, Hartwell changed from a refuge to home.

Home is where the heart is.

His gaze wandered back outside to the stillness of the boardwalk, and to his utter frustration his heart jumped in his chest at a glimpse of bright auburn hair. He leaned forward to get a better look.

Sure enough.

It was her.


She strode down the boardwalk from the direction of her own establishment, Hart’s Inn, her long hair blowing in the wind. Vaughn pressed closer to the glass, trying to get a better look, but it was impossible from this height.

All he could make out were the jeans she wore tucked into brown ankle boots and the green sweater that was far too thin to be worn this early in the morning.

He frowned. The woman needed to buy a goddamn jacket.

She smiled and he caught sight of her neighbor Iris approaching her. For a moment he envied Iris that smile. It was hard to resist Bailey Hartwell’s smile. It had an effect on people.

On him.


Especially since he couldn’t recall a time when that smile had ever been directed at him.

Bailey followed Iris out of his line of sight.

He tried to follow them and smacked his head off the glass. “Fuck.” Vaughn rubbed at his forehead and turned away from the window.

His eyes were drawn to the huge bed across the room where a slender redhead whose name he couldn’t remember was lying sleeping.

One immediate problem was that he saw Bailey everywhere.

He even saw her in other women despite his best efforts to channel his attention elsewhere.

Ignoring the growing ache of longing in his chest, a half-dressed Vaughn took the white shirt that had been pressed and hung up for him off the hanger and shrugged it on. Then he chose a blue silk tie from his collection. His waistcoat and jacket followed suit. Dressed for the day, he strolled over to the bed and leaned down to nudge the redhead awake. She groaned and opened her eyes and instead of clear green eyes that made his blood burn, brown ones stared up at him.

“Time to leave.” He walked away without looking back.

Every Little Thing is out now! Get it here:




Linda Jones & Linda Howard – A day in the life of a writing team

Frost Line

Ever wonder how two people work together to create one seamless, fabulous novel? We have, and now Linda Jones and Linda Howard, the authors behind Frost Line, have answered in their #WelcomeToMyWorld piece.


5am – We’re both up, drinking coffee with iPads or computers in our laps. We touch base with our exciting plans for the day (laundry, grocery shopping, walking dogs or plans with grandkids, and oh yes, writing. Where are we in the book today?)


9am – By this point, something has been written by at least one of us. We’re both morning people and the writing is more critical than the humdrum, so laundry and grocery shopping will have to wait. Dogs and grandkids do not wait, but we do the best we can. Linda Howard writes a scene and sends it to Linda Jones. Linda Jones realises she has just written a scene that might be either nearly identical or contradictory. Wait! In some email last week, didn’t we decide we’d do something entirely different? We begin sorting through our folder of emails, looking for the one that addressed this. Oh, yeah. Delete, delete, start over. No, maybe that isn’t right. We need to think about this.


10am – This isn’t working. We get in our cars and head for the Cracker Barrel restaurant that is conveniently situated midway between us, about an hour from each of our houses. Trying to hammer down details over email or the phone is just not the same as discussing face to face. We draw a map and realise that we’ve been looking at the scene in a mirror image. No wonder one of us went left while the other went right! Other customers give us strange looks, and the wait staff avoids us. Yes, we are definitely discussing murder, but it’s of a character, not a real person.


Noon – We have avoided arrest, and head home. Linda Jones has decided the laundry can wait, and she’s sent her husband to the grocery store. An hour drive gives us both time to ponder, which is always a good thing. When we get home, we head straight to the computer to share whatever good ideas came to us in the car, via email. Linda Howard deals with a dog or husband situation, sometimes both, and becomes snarly at the interruptions.


2pm – A final scene, or perhaps even a chapter, is done. The laundry is still not done, and Linda Jones’s husband came home from the grocery store with far too many chips and cookies, but we can sigh with relief and walk away from the computer, for a while. Then Linda Howard realises she has a stretch of time when both husband and dogs are possibly napping, and she heads back to the computer where she first reads through the folder of emails to make certain she’s got the details straight, consults the notebook of notes she made while they were at the Cracker Barrel, and tries to get a head start on the next chapter, and the next day.

Linda Howard & Linda Jones have been writing together for years, and they have now launched an all new series centred on characters of the Tarot cards as they enter our world.

Frost Line is now out:






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P C Cast’s Full Moon Beauty Empowerment Ritual

Goddess of the Sea

For #WelcomeToMyWorld P C Cast, author of the Goddess Summoning and House of Night series, has prepared a beauty empowerment ritual for us. The ritual can include pink champagne, and for P C Cast includes a crystal bowl that changed her life!


The full moon is a powerful time for completions and full circle moments.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves that we are beautiful and worthy of every bit of joy we can seize as we sound our barbaric yawps over the moon drenched rooftops of our world!

Begin your Beauty Empowerment Ritual on the evening of a full moon.  Decide upon a lovely beverage of your choice – my personal favorite this month will be a chilled glass of pink champagne.  Then gather what you’ll need:

  1. A special bowl. This vessel should not be plastic or metal.  Look for something unique, made of crystal/glass, pottery, porcelain, or wood.  It should have special meaning for you, or you should find it especially beautiful.  Example: The plot of my first novel, DIVINE BY MISTAKE, was inspired by the “accidental” purchase of an exquisite cut crystal bowl.  It was the winter of 1989, and I was super broke.  I went to an estate auction in the middle of a blizzard trying to snag a deal on furniture, and there was this amazing crystal bowl up for auction.  I was obsessed with it. But it was a luxury I really couldn’t afford, so I allowed myself to bid, but only up to $25.00 for it.  The bowl sold for over $300.00. I shrugged off my obsession and continue to bid on furniture deals.  Suddenly there was a flurry of activity around the auctioneer, and the beautiful crystal bowl was up for re-auction!  The buyer had discovered a hairline crack in the bottom of it that had not been disclosed, and rejected it.  When it went up for re-auction, I was the only bidder, and I got it for $2.50!  That bowl, and its flaw – which I find beautiful – inspired me to create the flawed urn Shannon Parker buys at an auction, which sends her on an adventure that changed her fictional life and my real one.  That is the bowl I’ve used for my rituals!
  2. A handful of fresh herbs or rose petals. Carefully choose your herb (or petals) as your choice will set your intention for your beauty ritual. If you want to focus on stress relief, choose lavender.  If you want to focus on rejuvenation and retrieving memories, choose rosemary.  If you’d like to focus on drawing love, choose rose petals.  If you simply need to purify and cleanse, choose basil.
  3. A pinch of sea salt.
  4. Clean, fresh, water – enough to cleanse and fill your bowl.
  5. A white candle you haven’t used for anything else.
  6. A small, clean towel.

Preparing for the ritual:

First, set your intention.  You are going to focus on empowering and reviving your inner – and outer – beauty, with intent.  Example: If you want to draw a lover, picture him or her, and think about all the beautiful traits you have that will draw your new lover to you.  Or if you simply need to relax, picture yourself in a place that brings you great comfort, and focus on that relaxed feeling of comfort.

Pour yourself a glass of your chosen beverage and sip away as you begin!

Wash your bowl carefully, first using the pinch of sea salt mixed with water.  Rinse your bowl thoroughly, and then dry gently.

The ritual!

Begin at sunset.  Choose a spot outside that catches a nice amount of moonlight.*  It needs to be a spot where you can leave your bowl for the entire night.

Fill your bowl with fresh water, and take it to your chosen spot.

Light your white candle and place it in front of your bowl.  Take a moment to meditate on your intention, and/or invoke the deity of your choice.

Take the fresh herbs or rose petals and gently rub them between your hands.  Breathe deeply – inhale the scent as you continue to focus on your intention.  And then allow them to fall into the bowl.  Use your fingers to mix them into the water.

When you are ready, blow out the candle and leave the bowl there to collect the magick light of the full moon.

As soon as you wake in the morning, go to your bowl, bringing your small towel with you.  Relight your candle.  Sit quietly for a moment, reminding yourself of your intention.  Then, use your fingers to part the moon soaked herbs/petals, so that you can see your reflection in the water. Using your hands, bathe your face in the water as you whisper this invocation.**


Sweet sliver moon lend your beauty to me

Wild and free with magick inspire

From within to without filled I shall be

Alight with moon drenched desire

Come to me moon magick delight

Through this vessel bathed in sacred light


Gently dry your face and pour the water and herbs/petals from your bowl in a circle around the base of your favorite tree.

Get ready to welcome gentle, loving magick into your day!

In P C Cast’s first book in the Goddess Summoning series, Goddess of the Sea, things get rather interesting for US Air Force sergeant Christine Canady after she recites a divine invocation to revive her humdrum life.






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*If you live in a place where you can’t safely leave your bowl outside all night, find a window that catches the light of the full moon and place your bowl there.

**You may always use an invocation of your own creation!

Amanda Bouchet Welcomes You to the Kingmaker Chronicles

Amanda Bouchet

Amanda Bouchet’s stunning debut novel, A Promise of Fire, wowed us, it wowed authors and it wowed reviewers (see below). And now Amanda, an author who’s been inspired by Ilona Andrews and Sarah J. Maas, welcomes you to the Kingmaker Chronicles as part of our #WelcomeToMyWorld celebrations.

‘So much love for this book! Buuuuuuy it!’ – Nalini Singh

‘Absolutely fabulous. I didn’t want to put it down. Amanda Bouchet is now on my auto-buy list!’ C. L. Wilson

‘I want more of these characters and I want more of this world. I cannot remember the last time I wanted to both savour and devour a book’ – Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

‘Give this to your Game of Thrones fans’ – Booklist, starred review

‘We found it, the next brilliant series that everyone is looking for’ – Us

Welcome to the world of the Kingmaker Chronicles! It’s a place where the meeting of eyes across a crowded space can shape the course of lives and change the destiny of kingdoms. In the icy north, where magic is might, capricious royals rule with cold hearts and iron fists. In the dusty, magic-deprived south, muscle and cunning decide who lives or dies. In A Promise of Fire, the two cultures collide in the form of Cat and Griffin, a smart-mouthed soothsayer and a determined warlord. Their explosive first meeting leads to danger, intrigue, magic, monsters and soul-stirring romance. With Gods dabbling in the lives of men, beasts roaming the land, and nations ripe for a takeover, it’s a dangerous time to be the Kingmaker – the most coveted diplomatic weapon in the realms. Cat and Griffin’s not-so-chance encounter kicks off a romantic adventure of epic proportions, one where Cat must decide what – and who – is worth fighting, and even dying, for. Beware: Here be Dragons.

Five rules to surviving in the world of the Kingmaker

  1. The Gods can be trusted – usually.

  2. If you think an adversary has more magic than you do, bluff like there’s no tomorrow – there might not be.

  3. Don’t play with knives – use them.

  4. Decapitation is the surest way to kill just about anything – even a God.

  5. Consider everyone an enemy – they probably are.


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You can now pre-order your copy of Book 2 in the Kingmaker Chronicles, Breath of Fire, out January 3rd.






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Jayne Ann Krentz Shares Scene from Illusion Town

Illusion Town

Jayne Ann Krentz, also known as Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle, has a scene from her brilliant Illusion Town for us today! Jayne’s world? Head on over to Harmony and discover a whole world where some natural-born talents have created some very dangerous people – and dust bunnies are real!


This scene takes place shortly after Hannah  West wakes up next to a man she barely knows, Elias Coppersmith.  Neither of them can remember what happened during the night . . .



“The night clerk is still on duty downstairs,” Elias said.  “He remembers checking us in.  He also said no one showed up asking questions about us.”

“Well, that sounds like good news,” Hannah said.  “Sort of.  I guess.”

“Yeah, that’s my take on it.  Assuming he wasn’t lying, of course.  But I’m inclined to believe him.”


“Because we’re still here and there’s no indication that anyone has tried to get into this room.”  Elias angled his head toward Virgil.  “Also, your dust bunny pal doesn’t seem to be concerned.”

Hannah looked at Virgil.  He was fully fluffed.  You could hardly see his ears or his six paws and only his baby blue eyes were showing.  When things got serious, his second set of eyes – the ones he used for hunting – popped open.  He was in full cute mode at the moment.  That was reassuring.

“Good point,” she said.  “But why are we dressed up?  It looks like we went out on the town.”

“A date, I think,” Elias said.

“I never date clients.”

“First time for everything.”

 “Let’s start with the basics,” she said.  “Where, exactly are we?”

“The Shadow Zone Motel.”  Elias plucked an old brochure off the nightstand and handed it to her.  “ ‘A luxurious retreat and spa in the heart of the Shadow Zone.  Every amenity designed with your privacy in mind.  Honeymoons our specialty.’”

“Honeymoons, hmm?”  She surveyed the room, taking in the shabby furnishings, yellowed walls and worn carpet.  “Looks like a hot sheet kind of place.”

“Yeah, that pretty much describes it.  But it seems clean.  Probably why we chose it.”

She started toward the bathroom.  The room shifted on its axis and then settled back into place. She stopped abruptly and massaged her temples, trying desperately to recover some memories.  The harder she tried, the more elusive the fleeting images became.

“Damn it, what happened to us?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” Elias went to the window.  He used the barrel of the strange weapon to ease the blinds aside.  “Best guess is that we got psi-burned sometime last night.  Somehow we found this place, checked in and crashed.”

Psi-burned.  That was not good.  She tried to remember what she knew about getting burned.  The effects were notoriously unpredictable and could vary from temporary amnesia to serious trauma or even complete destruction of the paranormal senses.   A really bad psi-burn could kill.

“We’re not dead,” she said. 

“There’s that,” he agreed.

She groped for memories and got only fleeting, meaningless flashes.  A dark street.  The full-throated roar of a big motorcycle engine.  A cupcake iced with white frosting.

A cupcake?

Another little rush of panic flickered through her, tightening her breathing.  Maybe she was hallucinating.  She told herself to process things slowly.

“I need to wash up,” she said.  “Maybe some cold water will clear my head.”

“Good luck with that.  Didn’t do much for me. Just make it quick.”

“Who, exactly, do you think is after us?”

“I have no idea,” Elias said.

“Oh, hey, don’t try to sugarcoat your answer.”

“Sorry.  Figured you’d want the truth.”

“I do.” She paused.  “I think.”

She started toward the bathroom again, automatically rezzing a little talent.  Overwhelming relief snapped through her when she felt her para senses stir in response.  Between one breath and the next the room was suddenly illuminated in a range of colors that she had not been able to perceive while in her normal vision. 

Not that the place looked any more attractive when viewed in light from the paranormal ends of the spectrum, she thought.  It was still a hot sheet motel.

“Yeah, I’ve still got my talent, too,” Elias said.  “Whatever burned us didn’t wipe out our para senses,  just our memories of last night.”

She stared at him.  “You could feel me rez my senses?”

“Sure.  Hard to not notice.  You’re strong.”

That was true.  But it took a powerful talent to sense that sort of thing from across the room. 

Well, she had known that he was a high-end talent, she reminded herself.  She hurried toward the bathroom.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she said.

“By the way, one more thing you should know about our current situation,” Elias said.

She paused in the doorway and looked back at him.  “How bad is this one more thing?”

“Depends on your point of view.  We’re married.”

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And don’t forget, Jayne’s Lost Night is £2.99 for the week!

Lucy March Invites You to Nodaway Falls

Lucy March

Lucy March’s  writing is delightful and delicious . . . Every word I devoured had me  craving more’ – Darynda Jones on A Little Night Magic

‘If you love True Blood, or find yourself constantly flicking over to the SyFy Channel, then this book is definitely for you. Part urban fantasy, part paranormal romance, all mixed together with a soft scoop of southern hospitality’ – Serendipity Reviews

Sometimes others say it best; hence the quotes!

Lucy March, who also answers to Lani Diane Rich, invites you to Nodaway Falls – where the five rules for living there involve things like friends, margaritas and magic.*

*We fell a little like we’re starring in Practical Magic 🙂


  1. Make Friends. In small towns like Nodaway Falls, community is everything. When you find yourself with sudden magical powers and no idea what to do, your friends will help you figure things out. And when they have no idea what’s going on, they’ll make margaritas. Either way, it’s a win.

  2. Expect the Unexpected. Magic is a volatile thing. People with power may think they have things under control, but they rarely do. This is true of both the good guys, and the bad. Be ready to roll with the punches and improvise your response. It’s a good idea to make friends with a local conjurer; potions may be unpredictable, but sometimes that works in your favor.

  3. Never Give Up. No matter what kind of dark force you might be facing, remember that you only lose if you quit. Sometimes, the best weapon in your arsenal against the big bad is tenacity. Remember, evil can get tired, too. If you can’t beat ’em, wear ’em down.

  4. Stop and Smell the Roses. Not everything in Nodaway Falls is about fighting evil. You can find some of the world’s best waffles at Crazy Cousin Betty’s, and if you’re into the whole dive bar thing, there’s some seriously adequate booze waiting for you at Happy Larry’s. Spend the night at Grace and Addie’s flowerful bed and breakfast, and check out Addie’s replica Julia Child kitchen in the antique store. When you pass by the bank, see if you can spy the dings in the brick caused by the magical pool balls that Amber Dorsey threw at Frankie Biggs. And be sure to visit our beautiful town square; it’s the site of more magical events per square foot than any other place in the continental U.S. We’re having a plaque made.

  5. Set Aside Time for Romance. Despite the danger – or, maybe, because of it – romance tends to blossom in our fair town. We don’t know if it’s the cozy village atmosphere, our babbling brook that is technically a waterfall (giving us our town name) or all the near-death experiences brought on by magical brouhahas, but whatever it is, Nodaway Falls brings a lot of couples together. Then rips them apart. Then gets them back together again. Hey. We wouldn’t want things to get boring, now would we?

Get A Little Night Magic for just £1.99 this week




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The Keri Arthur and Maria Lewis Chat

Keri Arthur Maria Lewis

Join Keri Arthur – of Riley Jensen, Dark Angels, Souls of Fire and Outcast series fame – and Maria Lewis – the debut author behind Tommi Grayson in the Who’s Afraid? series – as they talk about everything from boobies to kangaroos (they’re Australian) to books for #WelcomeToMyWorld.

Be prepared to be entertained and enlightened. We love these two, strong women and their progressive portrayal of women in their novels.


Maria Lewis

Alright, Kezz Dawg! What’s going on? How’s your day? What adventures have you been up to? How’s the resident kangaroo that lives in your backyard.


Keri Arthur

The day involved breast swashing – had to go get the boobies scanned. After than delight, I’ve been writing a story I’m planning to self-publish while the brain is mulling over the new fantasy novel. As for the kangaroo, haven’t sighted him. Maybe the poor sucker drowned in all the water we have lying about (in and out of the house) What about yourself? Met anyone interesting of late?


Keri Arthur

I hope you’re working on the next wolf novel!


Maria Lewis

Hahaha, I love that we’re two minutes into this conversation and tits have already come up. But that’s important yo, get your boobs checked! Know your body! R.I.P Kezza’s backyard kangaroo, hope he’s out there somewhere and doing okay.


Maria Lewis

As for interesting people, I’m interviewing Tilda Swinton on Friday and so bloody excited because she’s an immortal goddess.

Would it be weird if I ask her to adopt me? I’m gonna do it.


Keri Arthur

I know too many people with breast cancer not to get the boobies checked! The roo is probably harassing the girls up on the hill – it is coming into breeding season, after all 🙂 Tilda Swinton!? Colour me jealous. Care for an older sibling who also needs adoption?


Keri Arthur

Also, I currently have a fantasy novel out on submission – keeping the fingers crossed for that one, as I think it’s the best thing I’ve written (though I would think that, of course) 😉

And you didn’t answer my question about the next (3rd) wolf book!


Maria Lewis

A whole novel, oh boy! Can you give us any teasers as to what it’s about?


Keri Arthur

Only if you tell me there’s a third damn wolf book. I mean, play fair here!


Maria Lewis

Haha and sorry, didn’t mean to avoid the question. Who’s Afraid Too? is about to drop in January so I’m gearing up for trying to get it out there as hard as I can and YES! There is a third wolf book (official title now). It’s called Who’s Still Afraid? and it’s written, with the publishers and waiting for the first round of copy edits. The fourth book is done too – tentatively titled I Still Know Who’s Definitely Afraid Last Summer? – so just got the fifth and final one to complete, but I’m trying to take a wee break from werewolves right now.


Keri Arthur

I love the movie title play on the 4th book. Awesome that you’ve 4 done already – now we just need Piatkus to release them quicker :). What are you playing with right now if not werewolves?


Maria Lewis

Trying to write a crime novel instead, just for shits and giggles.


Keri Arthur

Crime is hard. Tried it. Failed. Things that go bump in the night kept interfering.


Maria Lewis

It is tricky, I’ve found it hard because the story – which would be a trilogy of books – is set in the US and there’s a lot of detail and specifics that I need to get my head around, so been doing a lot of interviews with FBI Agents and reading procedural manuals. I’m enjoying it so far though, I started my career as a crime reporter at the local newspaper so have always had an interest in that area and wanted to delve in a fictional regard (as opposed to non-fiction).


Maria Lewis

And re: your fantasy novel out on submission, it must feel amazing to have literally dozens of urban fantasy and genre books out there in the world but feel like your best is still in front of you. That’s so exciting to hear, as someone who is a fan of your work and who has watched with joy as you bust down doors and break through glass ceilings like Riley Jenson ;o)


Keri Arthur

At least you’ve got some history in crime reporting, but setting it in the US is hard, especially since everything is very different, be it law or even language usage.

Riley will always have a special place in my heart. Not only was she my first major success, but she certainly proved that stories can be set in Melbourne and have mass appeal!

Was Who’s Afraid? your first book? Word of warning, if you say yes, I’m going to call you a bitch


Maria Lewis

Oh man, you’re so right – just the nitty gritty on a trial scene has required so much research and I’m so finicky about getting details accurate. Usually whenever I’m stuck in uncertain territory I make sure I have some skilled proofreaders that either work in those areas and know it well. And just quietly, I think Riley is a hero for alotta and she encapsulates all the things I love with urban fantasy women: she’s strong physically and emotionally, driven, has sexual agency and compassionate.


Maria Lewis

Mind you, I gotta say Tig has fast become my favourite of your characters I think. Absolutely love her and her empathy! She felt like such a blast of fresh air and the thing that makes her so tough and memorable is her kindness. I love that.


Keri Arthur

I think it’s worth the time to get the details right, tho, otherwise you’ll just piss off readers. Never a good thing to do. As for Riley . . . she’s a woman not afraid of her sexuality, and not willing to take shit from a man. It’s a message we need to get out there more! Glad you enjoyed Tig. She caused me so many problems initially – refused to talk to me for a good two or more years after I’d gotten 80 pages into her story.


Maria Lewis

So true! I mean, no matter how hard you try or how long it takes there will always be something wrong but I think one aspect of our job as writers is to make sure that happens as rarely as possible. I LOVE TIG. Been so long since I’ve become as obsessed with a character as I am with her and really hanging out for the second book in that series.


Maria Lewis

Also, figured we’ve done this for about an hour and covered boobs to books, shall we wrap up?


Keri Arthur

If you smile nicely, I might just send you an ARC . . .


Maria Lewis



Maria Lewis

Here’s my smile!


Keri Arthur



For one week only you can get the first in Keri’s Riley Jensen series for £1.99.




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And keep an eye out for her next book in the Outcast series, Winter Halo, coming this December.

Winter Halo





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Whos Afraid Too

Elle Kennedy’s Five Rules to Surviving as an Outlaw

Elle Kennedy

So, we’ve already mentioned that the fabulous Elle Kennedy, author of the Off-Campus and Killer Instinct series, has created a whole new world in her Outlaw series. A world we summed up with ‘Dystopia world. Wild, wild West. Hot!’ But Elle, being a little more eloquent than us, has gone the extra mile and given us the five rules we’ll need to survive as OUTLAWS. We’re so going on the lam!


After a decimating global war, the world finds itself in chaos. You’re either a civilian living inside the government-run city where life is secure but your future is decided for you, or you’re an OUTLAW – living in the wild ruins, forging for your own way in a land where tomorrow isn’t promised.

But if you want to be an outlaw, there are some things you need to remember . . .


  1. You can’t survive out here on your own, but don’t align yourself with people you can’t trust. Trust is something you shouldn’t give easy.


  1. Watch your back and the backs of the people you’re with. They’ll be watching yours.


  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. You never know what’s around the corner.


  1. Nothing comes free in this land. You contribute to the community if you’ve got one, or you barter and trade with what you’ve got. Supplies, skills, sexual favors – whatever you’re willing to give.


  1. At the end of the day, do whatever it takes to survive.


We’re sold!

Book three in the Outlaws series will be out in November, so there’s still time to get caught up on the series and Claimed, Book 1, is

£1.99 for the week!




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MaryJanice Davidson’s Top Five What The *!@#? Moments from the Undead Series

Undead and Done

Ah, MaryJanice Davidson, how we love your books, your humour, your Betsy and Sink Lair, your love of shoes . . . Christine Feehan had it right when she called you, ‘Wicked fun.’ The Undead series, which comes to a close with Undead and Done (see what she did there), has made us laugh, fall in love, laugh some more and go: ‘What!?!?!?!!!!!’. And for the big closing number, plus #WelcomeToMyWorld, MaryJanice is sharing the moments when the Undead crew blew even her out of the water. Warning, if you’re new to the series, there are a couple spoilers here, plus read all the way to the bottom to discover our special deal.


What, just five? I could have done thirty of these. Literally thirty, I try to put at least two in every book, and this last book is #15, Undead and Done, and 15 x 2 = 30, so when you pick up one of my books, you get a lot of laughs and also math. But in the interest of time, and spoilers, here are my top five. Also: spoilers! (Seriously, spoilers. Do not cry to me about spoilers after you read an article whose entire purpose is to discuss spoilers. I will lose it. LOSE IT.)

  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor wakes up dead. Yep, things got busy quickly in the very first book, chapter one, page one: a recently fired administrative assistant wakes up as the queen of the vampires. She was different pretty much immediately, and not just because she loved shoes and hated tact: she wasn’t bitten and turned, she was run over (by a Pontiac Aztec) and woke up in the funeral home. And wasn’t happy about it – besides the obvious, she was wearing someone else’s knock-off shoes and terrible make-up (fair-skinned blondes can’t pull off orange blush). Things went downhill from there.


  • Sinclair is the Book of the Dead. Eric Sinclair, king of the vampires, is devoted to Betsy and though it was love at first sight for him, it took his bride a while longer to come around. (That whole “you tricked me into marrying you, asshat!” thing, doncha know.) And the Book of the Dead is this terrible book accurately professing the future of vampires in general and Betsy in particular. Not only can Betsy not get rid of the thing (she pitched it into the Mississippi River; UPS brought it back), she goes temporarily insane if she reads it too long (like DVR instructions) and it’s made of human skin, written in blood. We find out when Betsy ends up in the future that not only is Horrible Future Betsy running the world 500 years from now, she’s the author of The Book, and it’s written on Eric Sinclair’s skin. And speaking of time travel . . .


  • Betsy accidentally changes the timeline. Our girl wasn’t having any of that “turning my husband into a creepy gross book sometime between the present and five centuries from now” nonsense and somehow (even she’s vague on the details) changed the timeline so it wouldn’t happen. When she got back to her present, her previously unhappily single best friend was living with a cop and joyfully pregnant with twins, and Christian Louboutin never existed in this timeline. Paradise on the one hand, agony on the other. And speaking of agony . . .


  • Betsy kills the devil. So, there’s that. Also, Betsy’s sister is the Anti-Christ. Ooh, and her roommate Marc was an evil vampire in the future, but a suicidal zombie in the new-and-improved timeline present. It was a whole thing. Several things, in fact. And speaking of several things . . .


  • Betsy becomes the new devil (or as her name tag proclaims her, “Hello, my name is Satan 2.0“), and the Mall of America is the new Hell. Because when you’re out of work, sometimes you have to take someone else’s job, I guess?


These five things all took place between books 1 and 14, so you know what that means: that despite all the above insanity, there’s still more to come in the final book, Undead and DoneWhat? You didn’t think I’d save some of the best stuff for last?

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