The Punishment Room by Zara Deverux

The Punishment Room

Contains Erotic Content

An erotic adventure set in the atmospheric landscape of Daphne du Maurier’s Cornwall.

In an instant he had pressed her up against one of the standing stones. It was cold as a tomb, that chill working through her thin dress. ‘Undress for me,’ he commanded.’

Shy Caitlin Colbert is wondering what to do after university when she inherits a guesthouse in Cornwall. Emboldened by her sexy friend Saskia, Caitlin’s confidence soars and she discovers her sexual power with the local men, but when she meets Tristan Trevellyan, she is smitten.

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of Tristan’s first wife, Portia, and when he goes to London in search of answers, Portia’s half-brother Guy visits Caitlin claiming that Tristan is unbalanced. Guy is manipulative and dominating and indoctrinates na├»ve Caitlin into his dark sexual world. He knows what happened to Portia and if she remains under his instruction, Caitlin is in danger of going the same way…

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