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An Exclusive, Early Excerpt from Eloisa James’ MY AMERICAN DUCHESS

My American DuchessI don’t know about everyone else, but ever since we read the cover copy of My American Duchess, we’ve been dying to get our hands on it. To help tide us over Eloisa has kindly supplied us with an exclusive, early excerpt for #RegencyWeek.


He had promised himself he would be gentle when he kissed her. He was wrong.

It was a greedy kiss. He had never realised that a lady’s lips could be as voluptuous as a courtesan’s — but that the addition of surprise and innocence would make it a far headier experience than he had ever experienced.

To this point, Trent hadn’t particularly enjoyed kissing. It was too intimate. He’d never been selfish about giving pleasure, as he enjoyed bodily intimacy. All the same, he didn’t care for kissing.

Not until now.

When Merry started kissing him back, the shock of it sent a hum down his limbs that brought with it a strange feeling, as if the world were shaking around them.

One of her hands came around his neck and buried itself in his hair. Her mouth had been sweet, but now it was silk and fire. Her innocence was still there, but alongside it, a searing urgency.

Trent lost himself. Their tongues danced together and he felt a shudder go through Merry’s body. She made a whimpering sound in the back of her throat, and desire exploded down his spine.

It wasn’t until he became aware that one of his hands had settled on her thigh, and that certain parts of his body had taken on an ungentlemanly life of their own, that he regained a measure of sanity.

He drew his mouth away from hers, just far enough that he could still feel the erotic heat of her breath. He watched her face, his heart pounding unsteadily, as she opened her eyes.

A man could get lost in those eyes. Desire shimmered between them like a haze on a hot day in August.

Would she be outraged? Surprised?

She was dismayed.

“I loathe myself,” she mumbled, closing her eyes in anguish.

“It wasn’t a bad kiss.” Trent’s voice had a rasp that he’d never heard in it before.

Her eyes opened again. “You have the oddest sense of humor,” she said, frowning.

“Did you enjoy the kiss?”

“It was a very nice kiss. In fact —”

She caught back whatever she was about to say.

“I am a despicable person,” she said, her voice ragged.

He suppressed a smile. “I strongly disagree.”

Descriptions and details began tumbling out of her — about Bertie, who used to kiss her on a sofa (if Trent ever met him, he’d have to kill him for that), about Dermot, about Cedric . . . In short, the whole sorry saga of Merry’s romantic life thus far.

Trent didn’t want to discuss the three men she’d fancied herself in love with. He didn’t want to imagine that they had touched her. Or kissed her.

As Merry recounted her supposed sins, Trent cupped her face in his hands and lowered his lips to hers, so close that their noses brushed. She went silent. “You never kissed Cedric the way you just kissed me,” he stated.

Her eyes didn’t fail him. He could see the truth in them. “No,” she said with a little gasp. “No — that is to say, I won’t discuss it. This mustn’t ever happen again, Your Grace. I’m —”

He took her mouth in a thirsty, deep kiss.

Before now, first, second and third kisses had been merely signposts on the road to bed. His mistresses had all been courtesans, refined women who chose their lovers and enjoyed his company as much as he did theirs.

Kissing Merry was no signpost. It was like making love, something he could do all night. She was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman, and nothing he’d ever thought to find in a lady.


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What’s Next for Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane?

Sweetest ScoundrelAs some of you may know, Elizabeth Hoyt has agreed to continue her Maiden Lane series! We’re terribly excited, but it begs the question: where is the series going next?

Thankfully, Elizabeth has agreed to answer that question:

Late next month my ninth Maiden Lane novel, Sweetest Scoundrel will hit stores. Asa Makepeace is an eagerly awaited hero, if my reader mail is anything to go by. He’s self-made, big, bold and brash. Our heroine, Eve Dinwoody, in contrast, is the bastard daughter of a duke and a retiring sort of lady. She’s dragged rather unwillingly out of the comforts of her quiet house by her brother who has left her in charge of the finances of Asa’s pleasure garden.


Is Asa pleased by this turn of events? You can bet your brass buttons he isn’t. But while Eve might be retiring she isn’t about to let Asa just walk all over her — even if he’s about the sexiest man she’s ever seen. For his part, Asa isn’t used to a woman who isn’t intimidated by him or his temper, who actually argues back and who sees him as a man — not just as a business. This is a true clash of personalities and I hope you enjoy reading Sweetest Scoundrel!


And after Sweetest Scoundrel? I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been contracted for another three Maiden Lane novels, starting with Duke of Sin, the Duke of Montgomery’s book is coming in late spring 2016. Montgomery made quite an impression upon readers in Darling Beast: he’s mercurial, vain, and amoral. In the past he’s done some pretty terrible things, and on Goodreads and my Facebook page many are wondering if I can redeem him. I certainly hope so . . . but it may be a journey. 😉 His heroine is Bridget Crumb, the bastard daughter of an aristocrat and Montgomery’s housekeeper.


After Duke of Sin comes Duke of Pleasure with a new hero, Hugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kilshaw, but a long-awaited heroine, Alf, the girl — actually a woman — dressed as an urchin boy in previous Maiden Lane books. Finally, I’ll be ending Maiden Lane with Duke of Desire.


If you haven’t already, do go ahead and check out some of the places I lurk online. I make idea books for each of my books on Pinterest, and I discuss and sometimes hold Name that Dog Character Contests on Facebook. You can read excerpts of upcoming books on my website, as well as read bonus content such as the extra epilogue to Dearest Rogue I recently wrote. And on Twitter I’m mostly just silly.


Happy Reading!



Elizabeth Hoyt


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Mary Balogh’s favourite kissing scene


We are honoured to welcome this afternoon’s guest to Regency Week: international bestseller Mary Balogh, author of over 60 novels and one of the biggest names in Historical romance today.

We asked Mary to choose, out of all of her books, her very favourite kiss scene! With over 30 years of writing behind her, it’s a big call to make . . . Read on to find out what she chose!

I’d like to choose the kiss that gave my newest book, Only a Kiss, its title.

Percy, Earl of Hardford, has come at last to the estate in Cornwall he inherited two years ago, only to find Imogen, Lady Barclay, his predecessor’s widowed daughter-in-law, in residence because the roof is off the dower house, where she usually lives. Imogen is not Percy’s type at all. He thinks of her as the marble lady. And he is not her type – he is altogether too flippant, too irresponsible. They quarrel in the library one night over who should pay for the repairs to her roof – each insists upon doing it. She is very close and very angry when she tells him he is no gentleman. But instead of defending himself, he curls one hand about the back of her neck and kisses her.

“He did not need even the fraction of one second to know that he had made a big mistake . . .  She broke off the kiss after perhaps two seconds and cracked him across one cheek with an open palm . . . His cheek stung and his eye watered . . . ‘How dare you,’ she cried . . . He owed her a groveling apology – at the very least. ‘It was only a kiss,’ he said instead.”

And Percy muses a little later when he is alone that if that kiss had lasted for two seconds, then for at least one of them she had kissed him back.

To find out more about Mary Balogh, visit her website or follow her on Facebook.


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Beating the Back to ‘School’ Blues



It’s back to school time and, though it’s been a while since I gathered up my backpack and hurried off to the classroom, this time of year still has the same feeling.

Does anyone else feel that way?

Either way, we thought it’d be the perfect time to look at some reads that help us hold onto that holiday feeling, plus a couple that are all about the possibilities of new starts.

Tales From Honeymoon HotelFirst up is TALES FROM A HONEYMOON HOTEL by Olivia Ryan

Three newly-wed couples. Three honeymoons. One hotel. And one ultimate question: does true love really conquer all obstacles?
Set in Korçula Town, you can return to a beautiful, romantic holiday setting.

This one is for those of us that love the softer side of romance mixed with humour. You’ll fall in love as each couple realises that an immediate post-wedding happy-ever-after is not always guaranteed, but that true love is worth fighting for . . .



Moment of Letting GoKeeping with the holiday theme, brings us to J. A. Redmerski’s THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO – set in Hawaii.

Ever been on holiday, met that perfect guy…

You wonder, is it just a holiday fling, what would have happened if you’d met him back home…

This is the incredibly moving story of what could happen if you take a chance and stay just a little longer. This one just might make you cry.


Breaking ClearFor those that are dreading what the new ‘school’ year will bring, I suggest you tuck into M. J. Summer’s BREAKING CLEAR.

Harper has it all, great job, great place, great lifestyle, then with one call from home everything changes.

Back in her small town home, living next to ‘the hot guy from High School’, Harper is now a fish out of water, but she’s got the grit and determination to sort things out.

This is laugh-out-loud funny!


Opening UpStill sticking with our theme of scary changes, I’m recommending OPENING UP by Lauren Dane.

PJ is doggedly pursuing her dream despite being hemmed in by the family business, but she’s about to really take a chance in life and in love. Add in the incredibly hot co-owner of the Twisted Steel – a custom motorcycle shop – and you’re in for a really great, and Hot!, read.

Our Top Holiday Romance Reads

Moment of Letting GoToday we publish the gorgeous, escapist summer-holiday-in-a-book that is J.A. Redmerski’s The Moment of Letting Go. Whether you’re about to head off somewhere sunny or fancy an armchair vacation, this is just the perfect summer read. To keep Redmerski company, I’ve selected another four top romantic reads in a mix of genres that should all command space in your holiday suitcase or bookshelf. All four are extremely readable (warning: don’t start any of these if you intend to speak to any of your loved ones for the duration) and contain intense, all-consuming relationships and evocative settings.

1. Sharp, witty romcoms are a weakness of mine but there are a lot of mediocre books out there. Unsticky, which is nowhere near as famous as it ought to be, is deliciously addictive, funny and moving with the added perks of great clothes, the most realistic sex scene I’ve ever read and a heroine you would take on the world for.


Bronze horseman2. The Bronze Horseman is just a complete classic: an epic, sweeping, heart-wrenching romance. I read it on a girly summer holiday when I was around seventeen and immediately forced it on everyone else. As a result, we spent the summer with one of the group continuously out of action and in Alexander’s arms. Trust all four of us when we say he is one of the best romantic heroes ever.


The Soldier's Wife3. The Soldier’s Wife: This Australian wartime love story is based on the true story of the author’s own family history and is easy to read, nostalgic and very sweet – if you enjoyed Michelle Magorian‘s Back Home, this is one for you. I was charmed by it and have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t fall instantly in love with Pamela Hart‘s storytelling. Highly recommended!


Lemon Grove

4. This book. It’s so twisted but so wonderful! I could not put The Lemon Grove down. It’s filthy sexy in a way that’s all the more shocking because of the beautiful, poetic writing. Be prepared for it to get nasty but also be prepared to be absolutely swept away. Not for the faint-hearted but not a ride you should miss.

Readers review Masquerade by Joanna Taylor

Masquerade by Joanna Taylor Masquerade by Joanna Taylor is addictive, engrossing and available to buy NOW! Some of our readers were lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Masquerade – here’s what they thought:

Masquerade is a delightful new book about Regency London, the main characters are warm and engaging especially Lizzy the main character who really has you believing in her and wanting everything to turn out well for her.  Lizzy is a girl from a brothel who still has something of the country girl about her and although the hero is a Lord she still has much more knowledge of the world and life than he does.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read it in only a couple of days, the writing style is easy and holds your attention throughout.  I enjoyed reading about Lizzy’s exploits especially when she got one over on one of her rivals which was well deserved.  I would like to read more about Lizzy’s future if the author sees fit to write a sequel.

The book is well written by someone who I haven’t read before but shall now look out for.


Masquerade by Joanna Taylor is a love story set in Regency London and the author’s experience is quickly apparent as she draws you into the story right from the start of the book.  Her descriptive skill makes it easy to imagine the time, the place and the characters, who seem utterly credible in spite of their language occasionally becoming a little stilted and unnatural.  The main characters are immensely likable, which adds greatly to the enjoyment of the story.  Lizzy is a street girl but her intelligence, strength of character, resilience and positive attitude make her someone to be admired rather than despised or pitied.  Edward, Lord Hay, is a kind, calm man whose inherent niceness prevents the reader from judging him too harshly for paying a prostitute for services rendered.

The book touches on many serious subjects, such as women’s rights and the vulnerability of certain groups in society who struggle to survive due to gender, class, economic factors etc.  However, although the reader may pause to reflect on such matters and on the differences between people (as well as the similarities under the surface) it is very easy reading and first and foremost an absolute ‘feel good’ story.


Not the typical book I would read but boy was I hooked to it , Loved it for various reasons but mainly because of the developing romance between two characters with two totally different starts in life. Definitely worth a read!


Joanna’s first historical novel is a must read book. I’m a fan of her spotlight series so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. A true love story set in the late 1700’s, Lizzy is a girl with a personality. No simpering heroines here! Edward, stiff and formal at times, is different with Lizzy around and enjoys her outspokenness and lively nature. Throughout their time together Lizzy evaluates her future and makes a decision that will change both of their lives forever.


Masquerade was a lovely read. It flowed beautifully and I wanted to read more. I’m hoping that Joanna will write more books like this in the future.  I will definitely be reading them if she does. Having read the Spotlight series by Ms Taylor I was intrigued to see if she could make the transition to a Regency romance. The answer? – Yes, she can.

The heroine was believable, had a history and wasn’t some innocent thing who had no wits about her.
The nuances and ridiculousness of the Regency era was well written even mentioning how uncomfortable the clothing was. I loved the story and guessed the correct answer at the end!! If you love a period romance you won’t go wrong with this book.


An incredibly easy book to read, you just want to carry on reading and reading. Lord Hays sounds quite incredible – in fact totally irresistible. I found the section about the Vauxhall Gardens really interesting. I had heard of them, but reading this book, you could really imagine them and there was so much detail about what really happened there.


Masquerade tells the story of Lizzy, a working girl, and Edward, a nobleman, set during Regency London.  It begins beautifully, the first 3 or 4 chapters describe the start of Lizzy’s day in Piccadilly and contain some of the best ‘scene setting’ I’ve read for the period it is set in.  The writing flows easily and I was drawn in to the story to the point that I just carried on till I finished at 2.30 in the morning.

Though I really enjoyed the story, it wasn’t the story I was expecting to read. From the blurb on the back, I was expecting a dark, mysterious, erotic story.  However by about chapter 6, I realized the book is a close retelling of a very famous film from several years ago.  It’s very cleverly done and great fun guessing or realizing how the scenes from the film (which is set in the 20th century) have been covered, but if you know the film well, you won’t get many surprises and just like the film, it’s a sweet romance, rather than an erotic grand passion.  I do think though that the author does write beautifully about the regency period and I would love her next book to be an original, slightly darker, more erotic tale set during this time.


I was sent a copy of Masquerade to review and i must say it wasn’t what i was expecting at all.I was hooked from the first page and was rooting for Lizzie all the way through the story.At heart is a genuine love story which has echoes of Pretty Woman but is set in the Regency era.
We find out how how difficult life is for the lower classes and the dream of finding a rich lord for these girls to take them out of their poverty and this is.exactly what happens to Lizzie.
The descriptions are vivid and the plot is engaging and you want to find out if Lizzie has met the man of her dreams and will she let him through her wall or will she be too scared to get her heart broken again.You fall in love with her character she is is a country girl who is really kind, innocent, trying to be a working girl and also trying to toughen herself up and she is extremely intelligent and well read.But fallen on hard times after being duped into becoming a working girl.
A really enjoyable love story without any of the sex scences that have become the norm these days-i really enjoyed it because of that!


Masquerade is quite simply a beautiful, mesmerising and breath taking love story with a difference. Lizzy and Lord Hays are polar opposites in society, she is the commoner from the gutters whilst he is the highly ambitious aristocrat. But as the two meet and are both drawn to each other it soon becomes clear that once you remove all of those trappings which we cloud ourselves in we are indeed all the same, money or no money. Regency London is portrayed vividly in this book from the dizziness and facade of the high society balls to the slums of the gutters and you can almost envisage yourself in Lizzy’s place.
Joanna has drawn two characters who are very likeable, Lizzy has something about her which you can’t help but root for her and Lord Hays is quite simply delicious (picture a more approachable and albeit sexy Mr Darcy and you’re half way there!) But it is the chemistry which sizzles throughout the story which is the real winning aspect of this book. What did surprise me most about Masquerade though was the lack of explicit sexual scenes but what was in its place was just enough to keep me wanting more and indeed using more imagination and I think this worked in the books favour and was actually a breath of fresh air for a change!
I really didn’t want their journey to end and therefore I tried to delay the ending as much as possible but seeing as this is a book you will want to devour in an instant this was no mean feat! It would therefore be a real treat to see a follow up…


Very pleased to have been chosen as a reviewer. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set in Regency London. Lizzie is a strong engaging character that you can’t fail to like from the start. Once we’re introduced to Lord Hays you know they’ll get together at the end but the question is how. What rocky road will they travel, who and what are their stumbling blocks?

I would have liked it to have had a little more depth to the historical background but although I have a love of history, I read very little historical romance in comparison, so perhaps this is the norm. The details reflect the times very well, from the lives of the downtrodden prostitutes to the ‘lucky’ courtesans, from the stirrings of social conscience towards the slave trade, and the chance of a new life in the New World.

Is there a follow-up? I hope so. I will certainly try Joanna Taylor’s other titles under her pseudonym as CS Quinn.


Masquerade publication day


It’s finally here! You’ve all been brilliantly reviewing Joanna Taylor’s Masqueradewhich we couldn’t be happier to be publishing today. 

Lizzy Ward never meant to end up working the streets of Piccadilly. So when a mysterious noble pursues her, it seems her luck is changing. But though Lord Hays offers to grow Lizzy’s fortunes, his price is unexpected. She must masquerade in the sumptuous gowns and social mask of a true lady.

With the stakes so high, love is out of the question. But as Lizzy navigates the fashion and faux-pas of the London elite, she finds her tough facade failing her. Lord Hayes wants to show her that nobility is more than skin deep . . . and as the connection between them grows, it’s no longer certain who’s wearing the mask. As the street-girl and the lord collide. Regency London is poised for scandal . . .

Order your copy today to see what all the fuss is about, and stay tuned for lots more Masquerade fun over the next few days!

Welcome to my Amanda Quick world – a guest post by Jayne Ann Krentz

Greetings from Seattle:

What a perfect opportunity to wish my readers in the UK a glorious spring!

Welcome to my Amanda Quick world.

I’m often asked why I chose the Victorian era for my novels of historical romantic-suspense. The answer, of course, is that it is absolutely perfect for the kind of stories I love to write. There is gaslight and fog and a sense of change in the atmosphere. Scientists are at last starting to unlock the secrets of the natural world and people are becoming aware of both the wonders and the dangers that the future hold — and a public raised on “horrid” novels laced with dread and the supernatural are discovering that there are real monsters such as Jack-the-Ripper prowling the dark streets of London.

What better time for the return of Mr. Slater Roxton? He can be forgiven a few eccentricities, don’t you think? After all, they say he was entombed alive on a strange island. And there is that talk about the strange sexual rituals that take place in a secret room below his mansion. Nevertheless, as far as Miss Ursula Kern is concerned, Roxton is an excellent client and he pays well for her secretarial services. It’s all business between them. What could possibly go wrong, hmm?


Jayne Ann Krentz
Writing as:
Amanda Quick

Is three the magic number? A guest post by Joya Ryan

The Reign Series has been a fun and tricky one to write. In dealing with love triangles, the assumption that one person will lose out is implied. Because surely . . . three people can’t be in a relationship right?

Or can they?

One thing I enjoyed exploring in these books was the idea that one woman was in love with two men and she couldn’t—wouldn’t—choose. Between the love, lust, loss and despair, she refused to pick between different men who made her feel different emotions. The majority of the third book—Yours Forever—explores this notion that choosing between the men is irrelevant when in fact, she’s choosing to not make a choice. The idea of a three person relationship then starts to present itself.

Ménage a trios have been done by many authors in many ways. In the case of Yours Forever and the entire Reign Series, this was attacked more as a love triangle exploring options for the ending rather than a relationship between three people from the beginning. Though both men are present in all three books, each hero has his individual time with the heroine. However, the ending isn’t as traditional. Yours Forever, the third book in the Reign Series will you keep guessing until the very last page. And the idea of what is possible, takes on a whole new meaning.

Other favourite ‘menage’ authors of mine include Maya Banks, Lexi Blake and Shayla Black.

You’ll find Joya’s Reign Series here: